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​Use of Facsimile Signatures

65 P.S. §301 et seq

Date of Issue: September 1, 1997
Date of Review: July, 2009


This BEC provides the procedure for the Department to recognize facsimile signature for school officials.

Any intermediate unit, area vocational technical school, or school district may use facsimile signatures in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Facsimile Signature of Public Officials Act, Act of 1961, July 25, P.L. 849, as amended, 65 P.S. §301.


An authorized officer must file his or her manual signature with the Secretary of the Commonwealth prior to use of a facsimile signature. The authorized officer must certify the manual signature under oath. Thereafter, his or her facsimile signature may be used in lieu of a manual signature on any instrument of payment. At least one manual signature is required to be placed on a public security.

The Act also permits use of a seal that is printed, engraved, stamped or otherwise placed in facsimile on any public security or document on which a seal is required.

Attached to this circular is an acceptable form for completing filing requirements by the Department of State.


Purdon's Statutes

65 P.S. § 301 et seq


Filing Format for Facsimile Signature (PDF)

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