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2018-19 PAsmart Grant Recipients

Two funding tiers were made available to local education agencies (LEAs), each having its own purpose and audience:

Targeted Grants, of up to $35,000 each, were structured to meet the needs of LEAs and their schools that currently had limited to no CS offerings. These grants were meant to fund teams of educators (4 or more) who would like to be trained on ways to implement CS in their classrooms. No prior CS experience was required. There will be follow-up funding to purchase products and equipment after the training. 

View the recipients of the PAsmart Targeted Grants (announced January 17, 2019).

View an interactive Google Map that highlights the location of each grant recipient.

Advancing Grants, of up to $500,000 each, were high-level comprehensive grants intended to support entities that have 50 or more students participating in CS/STEM experiences. These grants gave regions a chance to leverage or expand CS/STEM ecosystems, grow partnerships between LEAs, higher education institutions, businesses, and other CS/STEM-focused organizations, expand CS/STEM experiences to historically underserved populations, and expand the pool of CS/STEM educators. 

View the recipients of the PAsmart Advancing Grants (announced February 11, 2019).