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​Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education Program Grant Competition

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I would like to attend the informational webinar on March 12th for the Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education Program. Can you tell me the time when the webinar will be presented and the web address that I would access the webinar at?

I am unable to open the links to the past effectiveness tables.  Excel states that the file needs renamed to a shorter name or path.

How does the $1.7 million of total funding compare to the last round of funding?

For which grants must we submit data for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019?

Do we need to have two levels at all locations and in both counties and at all times (daytime/evening)?

In the webinar, there were cautions about using a regulated skills training for an IET. Is it possible that a regulated training such as a CNA would continue to be approved by ABLE as an IET?

Two levels are required at each location. How do you define a location? Do the classes need to be in the same building, or is it ok for the 2 levels to be in the same county and reasonably close to each other?

Where can we find the employment outcomes for 18-19 ABLE grants?

​Wondering if there will be an extension to the 061 grant deadline.

Programs must have at least two levels year round. Do these levels need to be offered simultaneously or can they be offered one after the other? In other words, could one level be offered for a number of weeks, then another level for a number of weeks, followed by the first level or an additional level?

When determining eligibility, the applicant must determine the number of previous program participants that transitioned to employment. If a participant was employed before enrolling in a program and he/she retained the same job while attending the program and after completing the program, would the individual be considered having "transitioned" to employment?

In the salary section of the budget there is a list of roles in addition to the function and object code. Should full-time employees be given their primary role? For example a full-time IELCE Instructor would be given the role "instruction" even though they participate in other activities like orientation, program planning, etc.

Where can we find “attain HSE” data for 061 for 2017-18?

Where can we find “attain HSE” data from 2017-18?

Can we include more than one tab with data (more than one data table) on the IELCE Demo Effectiveness Funded under WIOA prior 2 PY spreadsheet?

I am entering the 061 budget into eGrants and I am not sure where to enter background checks? I am reading the guidelines and cannot figure out where that expense would fit best. Looking for your guidance on this one!

We have completed the narrative/budgets for 061 and are ready to submit but cannot put info into the Agency/LEA Info screen.  Is that something that needs to be unlocked for us to complete?

We need to submit the 061 application and cannot sign off.