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Applying for Licensure or Registration as a Private Licensed School

Note: Schools offering entry-level career training that are located in Pennsylvania must be licensed. Schools located in another state with a physical presence to conduct recruiting in Pennsylvania must be registered. The application process uses the same form. No site visit is required for out-of-state schools applying for registration.

All applicants for licensure or registration are required to attend an orientation at the Pennsylvania Department of Education prior to submitting an application.

Required Seminars and Orientation

New Applicant Orientation

All applicants seeking licensure as a Private Licensed School are required to attend a New Applicant Orientation. Participation in the orientation is required within the 12 months PRIOR to submission of an application. Registration information for this orientation may be found under 'Applicant Resources'. The fee for the orientation is $300 per three (3) participants.

Financial Reporting

Financial Instructions

A detailed set of instructions is available to guide the preparation of the PDE-2006 Financial Report.

Additional information on Financial Reporting is available in Board Memorandum #63.

Schools may want to attend the Financial Component of the New Director Seminar or view the PowerPoint.  

New Program Applications

Every application for licensure must also include at least one new program application.

Applications for new programs must be submitted electronically on the New Program Application form.

The Board has established a limit of three programs per school for review per Board meeting. See Board Policy Memo #65.


The fee for a new license application is $7500 plus $750 for the site visit and $1400 for additional program applications. While the applications must be submitted electronically, the fees must be mailed to the division and the fees must be received in the division by 5:00 PM on the deadline date.

Please mail the application fees to:

State Board of Private Licensed Schools
333 Market Street, 12th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17126

Specialized Associate Degree (ASB/AST)

Accredited Private Licensed Schools may apply for authorization to award the Associate in Specialized Business (ASB) and Associated in Specialized Technology (AST) degrees, which require 70-80 percent of work in the area of specialization and 20-30 percent of the work in general education. The Specialized Associate Degree (AST/ASB) Application Fee is $1,000.