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PLS - Board Policy Memos

If you have any problems downloading these forms, please email us at Private Licensed Schools and we will send the form to you by mail or as an attachment via email.

​Memo Number​Topic​Date
​12Enrollment Agreement and Alternate (PDF) 09/07/1988
​19Statement Concerning Transfer of Credits (PDF)​06/15/1989
​22New Program Applications (PDF)​12/04/1989
​25Bond Form (PDF)​06/08/1990
​30 ​Irrevocable Administrative Trust (PDF)​02/01/1991
​35Financial Reporting (PDF)​01/31/1992
​38 ​Cure Period (PDF)​08/31/1992
​45Clock Hour/Lesson/Semester and Quarter Credits (PDF)​10/25/1993
​51Use of the Term Tuition "Savings" (PDF)​12/30/1996
​52 ​​Scholarships (PDF)​02/27/1998
​54Taking Attendance (PDF)​09/15/2000
​56Non-Resident Program Application-25% of Lessons (PDF)​05/28/2002
​57New Program Application – Catalog Required (PDF)​05/28/2002
​59Leave of Absence (PDF)​08/14/2003
​60Enrollment in a Single Course (PDF)​12/11/2003
​61Non-Resident Program Application First 25% of New Material (PDF)​02/19/2004
​63Financial Reporting (PDF)​02/17/2005
​65Limit of Number of New Programs (PDF)
​66Certificate of Occupancy Required (PDF)​02/08/2007
​67Trimester Credits (PDF)​02/14/2008
​68 ​Externships (PDF)​02/14/2008
​69Electronic Financial Reporting (PDF)​08/25/2008
​70Invitation to Provide Feedback (PDF)​11/13/2008
​71New Director Seminar - Required (PDF)
​72Role and Authority of the Financial Review Committee (PDF)​05/14/2009
​73Application Quality and Deadlines (PDF)​05/12/2011
​74Job Opportunity Requirement in New Program Applications (PDF)​08/08/2013
​75 ​Fees (PDF)​02/12/2015
​78PA Locations for Out-of-State Providers (PDF)​05/09/2018
​80Commercial Truck Driving Programs (PDF)
​82Institutional Grants (PDF)
​83Distance Education (PDF)
​Fines and Violations (PDF)
​Invitation to Provide Feedback (PDF)
Memorandum 89 Guidance Coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF)