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Licensed schools must renew the license after the first year and every two years thereafter. Staff will send a reminder, but it is the schools responsibility to ensure that the renewal application is submitted by the deadline prior to expiration. Expired licenses cannot be renewed.

Required Seminars and Orientation

New Directors Seminar

New Directors are required to participate in the 'New Director Seminar' within six months of assuming the role of school Director.  Participation is also required by the Directors of newly licensed schools within six months of the school becoming licensed.  Although not required, it is recommended that Acting Directors attend. Additional school staff who are responsible for submitting applications and reporting financials may also attend, but not in lieu of the Director. Registration information for this orientation may be found under 'School Resources'. There is no fee for this seminar.

New Program Application Training

All applicants seeking new program approvals are required to attend the New Program component of the New Director Seminar within the 12 months prior to submission of an application for Board approval of a new program. Please note that it is mandatory to attend PRIOR to submission of the application. Registration information for New Director Seminar may be found under 'School Resources'. This training is also available under 'School Resources' as 'New Program Applications for PLS (YouTube)' as a virtual video training. There is no fee for this seminar.  

Financial Reporting for Licensed School


A detailed financial report is required of every licensed school with each renewal application. The financial reporting form for the renewal application is a part of the renewal application form.


Schools may be placed on quarterly financial reporting for a variety of reasons. Schools that are on quarterly financial reporting must submit a quarterly report for review by the Board's Financial Review Committee each quarter. This report must be submitted on the PDE-2006 Quarterly Financial Report form. Schools will be informed of the submission deadline each quarter. This deadline is quite strict. Failure to submit the report can result in enforcement action.


Schools may need to submit annual financial statements to support a change of ownership request, a scholarship request or other notifications or applications. This report must be submitted on the PDE-2006 Annual Financial Report form.

Financial Instructions

A detailed set of instructions is available to guide the preparation of the PDE-2006 Financial Report. Additional information on Financial Reporting is available in Board Memorandum #63. Schools may also want to attend the Financial Component of the New Director Seminar or view the PowerPoint.

Board Approvals

Board approval is required for the following:

  • Branch Location
  • Remote Location
  • Relocation
  • Expansion
  • Name Change
  • Alternate Name
  • Change of Ownership
  • Scholarships
  • New Program

See the Board Approvals link on the right for instructions on applying.

Change in Director

Schools must inform the Board of a change in director within 30 calendar days. Schools are required to submit a completed PDE-340 form with documentation of qualifications for each new director or acting director.


Schools must maintain up-to-date PDE-279 Instructor Qualification forms for each instructor. These forms should be retained in the school files for inspection on request.

Compliance Visits

Compliance visits are scheduled approximately once every 3 years for unaccredited schools and once every 5 years for accredited schools. There is no fee for a compliance visit.


Schools must maintain a surety bond or membership in a Board-approved surety fund at all times. A lapse in surety is a regulatory violation.

Admissions Representatives

Recruiters must be licensed if they enroll students off-site of the school.

Program Changes

Program changes must be reported. Changes of less than 25% can be approved by staff. Major change requires a new program application to be reviewed by the Board.

Reportable Events

A school is required to notify Board staff in writing of the following reportable events within 48 hours:

  1. The financial condition of the school has changed materially.
  2. The school's form of surety has or is about to lapse.
  3. The school files for bankruptcy or has become insolvent.
  4. The school has been notified of a building code violation affecting the health and safety of its occupants.
  5. The school has been notified that the licensed premises are endangered by an environmental hazard.
  6. The school is to be subject to a Title IV audit.

Sexual Violence Awareness

Private Licensed Schools are required to comply with Act 104 of November 17, 2010, which requires all institutions of post-secondary education to establish a sexual violence awareness educational program for full-time students.

The legislation requires institutions to report to the Pennsylvania Department of Education to confirm compliance.

Annual Statistical Report

Every Private Licensed School is required by law to submit an annual statistical report. The form becomes accessible on-line after July 1 each year. It is due by September 30 each year. Schools face enforcement action with a potential fine, suspension or revocation for failure to submit the annual statistical report.

Closing a Private Licensed School

When a Private Licensed Schools finds it necessary to close, students must be the first priority. A school is required to notify the Board at least 30 days in advance of closure. Ideally, the school will complete instruction for all current students. If that is not possible, it is the school's responsibility to find another school that can provide the instruction to all students who are currently enrolled. This is referred to as a "teach-out".

The school must also make arrangements to transfer student transcripts to the school's records repository. Please note that the Pennsylvania Department of Education does not act as a records repository. Schools may not have records delivered to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Additional information is available in the Closed School Procedures document.