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Private Licensed Schools

Private Licensed Schools Memorandum # 89 Guidance for Interruptions of Study Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF) effective immediately until December 31, 2021.

Thank you for visiting the Pennsylvania Board of Private Licensed Schools website.  Staff are currently teleworking from home as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  We are responding to email; however, responses may be delayed. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Postsecondary institutions that offer career training must be licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools. The Board also approves new programs at each school. The schools can be approved to award career diplomas or certificates. Schools that meet certain standards may be authorized to award specialized associate degrees. The Division of Law Enforcement Education and Trade Schools staffs the Board.


The Board of Private Licensed Schools consists of 15 members. The Secretary of Education appoints 14 Board members to represent school sectors and the public. One member represents the Office of Attorney General. The Board meets quarterly to review and act on applications and develop policy.

The Board of Private Licensed Schools issues policy guidance to schools in the form of numbered policy memoranda. The Board invites schools to provide feedback for 14 days before the final version is released to all schools.  

There are no new memorandums being solicited for feedback at this time


If you would like to make a formal complaint about a Private Licensed School, please fill out a Student Complaint Form.

Financial Aid

The Pennsylvania Department of Education does not administer financial aid or loan programs or process requests for loan forgiveness.

Usually the school you plan to attend is the best source of information about funding. The administrators in the school's financial aid office will tell you which federal and state programs they administer. They will also explain additional scholarship programs or other sources of funding.

Be very careful of any offer to help find financial aid if a fee is required for the service.


Academic records are held by each institution for 50 years. Please contact the institution you attended for a copy of your transcript.

Students who attended a Private Licensed School that has closed can obtain academic records from the school's records repository. The repository for your school's records can be found on the Closed School Records list on the right.

If your institution is not on the list, please contact the State Board of Private Licensed Schools at 717-783-8228 for information on the records. The Department of Education does not hold copies of academic transcripts.

Credit Transfer

Coursework completed at a Private Licensed School is not always accepted for transfer to a college or university. Only the college or university can tell you if they will accept transfer credit.