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What's Trending in Drugs

Course Number: CR-556
Course Length: 1 Day (7.5 Hours)

Law enforcement officers, treatment specialists, and many other professionals encounter illegal drugs, abused legal drugs, drug paraphernalia and concealed drugs frequently during routine enforcement and supervisory activities. Few challenges to law enforcement, probation and parole officers, alcohol/drug treatment and counseling professionals are as varied as attempting to keep up with the innovations of the drug user and seller. Unless one is actively engaged in drug work, as in a drug task force or assigned other drug duties, it is difficult at best to be alert for the changing trends, substances, abuses, and tools with the drug culture.

This workshop focuses on the new and the different as encountered throughout the world, the nation, and particularly the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Topics include a review of the schedules of drugs as they relate to current trends, pharmacology, and methods of use such as vaping. Discussions will focus on legal and illegal drugs used and abused, recognition of various illegal substances and changes in the paraphernalia used with various drugs. This is not a drug enforcement class, but rather it is a drug recognition and familiarization session.