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Criminal and Drug Investigation Related Courses​

Open4477CR-508: Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction12/17/201912/18/2019Luzerne Co. Community College Public Safety Training Institute
FULL4537CR-552: Interviewing I: Strategies and Tactics for Improving Street Interviews 1/20/20201/20/2020Allegheny Co Police Academy
FULL4538CR-553: Interviewing II: Questioning Techniques1/20/20201/20/2020Allegheny Co Police Academy
FULL4539CR-554: Interviewing III: Body Language1/21/20201/21/2020Allegheny Co Police Academy
FULL4540CR-555: Interviewing IV: Handling Deception1/22/20201/22/2020Allegheny Co Police Academy
Open4490CR-552: Interviewing I3/9/20203/9/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4491CR-553; Interviewing II3/9/20203/9/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4491CR-554: Interviewing III3/10/20203/10/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4493CR-555: Interviewing IV3/11/20203/11/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4592CR-509: DFT Certification - NIK System 3/20/20203/20/2020ILEE Headquarters, Harrisburg/Dauphin Co
Open4512CR-509: DFT Certification - NIK System 5/12/20205/12/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4594Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction 5/20/20205/21/2020ILEE Headquarters, Harrisburg/Dauphin Co
Open4520CR-508: Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction 7/8/20207/9/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4526CR-506: Interviewing Juveniles9/3/20209/3/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4561CR-508: Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction 9/23/20209/24/2020Allegheny Co Police Academy
Open4531CR-556: What's Trending in Drugs12/1/202012/1/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center
Open4532CR-540: Interviewing Victims and Witnesses12/2/202012/2/2020Bucks Co Police Training Center