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Conducting the "Complete" Traffic Stop

Course Number: PA-604
Course Length: 1 Day (8 Hours)

"Conducting Complete Traffic Stops" is not a program that depends on grants or extra resources. It is philosophy. With renewed focus, through this workshop, efficiency is improved; and resources are maximized. The workshop is designed for state and local enforcement officials who are interested in enhancing their traffic enforcement activities or developing a traffic enforcement program to serve as an effective means to deter and detect criminal behavior. The program is easily adaptable to state, municipal, or county traffic laws and individual departmental policies and procedures. Implementation of similar programs has served to increase productivity, positively motivate personnel, and enhance individual officer safety.

The objectives of training are:

  1. To discuss the relationship between traffic and criminal enforcement.
  2. To learn specific techniques to detect criminal activity after the stop.
  3. To show how officers should safely view every traffic stop in totality before developing preconceived ideas about the outcome.
  4. To show officers how looking beyond the ticket traffic enforcement is an effective strategy to reduce both crimes and crashes in the community.
  5. Help heighten officer awareness of potential civil rights implications of actions and professionalism at the traffic stop.