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​PA FAFSA Go! is a cross-collaborative campaign to bring together professionals who are supporting high school seniors and postsecondary students in completing their first FAFSA or their renewal FAFSA for 2024-25

The high school class of 2023 left an estimated $4 billion in Pell grants on the table by not completing the FAFSA1 – these are dollars that students do not have to repay. Learners must file a FAFSA as well, in order to apply and qualify for a Pennsylvania State Grant.

The PA Department of Education (PDE) teamed up with Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), PA Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA), PA Association of College Admission Counselors (PACAC) and PA School Counselors Association (PSCA), for the PA FAFSA Go! campaign – we want students to go out and complete their 2024-25 FAFSA now! FAFSA can be completed here.

The PA FAFSA Go! partners are committed to providing support for FAFSA completion events, directing students to resources at their high school or postsecondary institution, providing a toolkit of resources for schools, students, and their families, and overall, ensuring that our Pennsylvania learners are not missing any of the free dollars for which they qualify.

We also invite you to prioritize FAFSA completion and become a FOCUS on FAFSA Partner. Your commitment will provide you with additional contacts and information to ensure our Pennsylvania learners do not leave free money on the table.

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1NCAN Report: In 2023, High School Seniors Left Over $4 Billion on the Table in Pell Grants - National College Attainment Network