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​May 24, 2022: A Note of Support & Resources During Trying Times

Dear Colleagues,

I come to you heartbroken following the tragic loss of life at a school, yet again, this time in Uvalde, TX. Today's horrifying events unfortunately come on the heels of other recent acts of violence, both large and small, in communities across our commonwealth and country. Schools serve as havens of safety, connection, and belonging, and it is incomprehensible to consider such events each time they unfold.

Of course, we are at a critical point in the school year and many of us are already emotionally exhausted as we give our best to create positive learning environments. Events like these compound the difficulties associated with what I know has already been one of the most challenging times ever for those in education. But please know that as students, families, and communities have questions, express emotions, and need support to navigate this tragedy over the coming days and weeks, you are not alone. It will be our relationships with each other and our learners that will sustain us. The Pennsylvania Department of Education is a partner to you in these efforts and would like to begin by offering the following resources to support these discussions:

National Association of School Psychologists:

Pennsylvania Department of Education:

We also recognize that these events may be triggers for students and others who have experienced trauma in the past and we want to remind you that help is available 24/7 by text at 741-741 or by calling 1-800-273-8255.

We continue to stand alongside you and value each of you and the work you do every day for learners in the commonwealth.

Thank you,