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Online Learning at Home

This resource list was developed to support educators' and caregivers'' efforts to maintain a positive learning climate while students are learning online. The resource list is organized by the three elements of a positive learning climate - safety, support, and social & emotional learning - that have been shown to contribute to welcoming schools and support positive youth development.  In addition, online resources for families are provided to offer more generic guidance to families on how to support their student's success in an online learning environment and can be used flexibly and in combination based upon the specific needs of learners.  

NOTE: links shared that take users beyond the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website to a non-PDE website, organization, product, process, service, manufacturer, or company do not constitute endorsement or recommendation by PDE, and, PDE is not responsible for the content featured on any of the sites or pages referenced. Educators should be mindful of digital resources that require teachers or students to create online accounts. Please check with district policies and consider HIPPA, FERPA, and COPPA laws with regards to student privacy BEFORE implementing any of these resources.