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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, in consultation with the PA School Boards Association, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and other key stakeholders is providing information that will serve as the training course for athletic coaches to read and sign in compliance with Act 59 of 2013 - Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act. This Act contains three requirements:

  1. Parents of student athletes in the public school system must read and sign a Pennsylvania Department of Health acknowledgment form prior to their student participating in sports.

  2. Coaches must complete an annual training course on sudden cardiac arrest. Sport Safety International's Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training is the only approved course.

  3. Coaches must remove a player that exhibits warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest and may not allow their return until cleared by a licensed medical professional.

For more information, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health's website.

A curriculum for grades 4-12 about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and the Chain of Survival.

  • Approximately 1 in 70 high schools will have a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) on campus each year, and nearly half of these events will be in students or student-athletes.

  • Sudden cardiac arrest is the #1 cause of death of student athletes. It takes the lives of thousands of students every year.

  • Providing CPR and using an AED dramatically increases the chance of survival.