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​Academic Engagement and Support

Academic engagement refers to the extent and intensity with which students participate in and apply themselves to learning and other school activities, as well as the supportive relationships and structures that exist to support student engagement.

In general, students who are effectively engaged in learning perform better in school and on standardized tests, and they are more likely to persist in school than students who are less engaged. Students who are engaged in school activities report more positive attitudes toward school and improved achievement. Research suggests that student engagement can be improved through effective teaching.

Engagement in extracurricular activities can be improved by weaving student engagement into the core practices of schools, increasing opportunities for student engagement, and by addressing barriers to student participation.

Student support is closely related to school connectedness, a factor known to support positive youth development. It is important that educators build positive relationships with students and that schools provide a tiered system of supports to students who demonstrate academic, social and behavioral health needs.