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Student Support: Pre-K

Daily Learning Time: 30 minutes of direct instruction

Daily Learning time can include: 5-minute increments of hands-on activities between instruction that includes:

    • imaginative play
    • creative arts
    • music and movement
    • outdoor exploration
    • exercise
    • fine/gross motor activities

Sample Schedule

    • 5 minutes: Daily Routines/Traditions (review daily schedule, engage in connection activities, review the calendar/date, etc. Teachers can provide ideas that overlap with familiar school routines.)
    • 5 minutes: Story Time (video from teacher or read to by caregiver)
    • 5 minutes: Brain Break (music and movement, ideas provided by teacher)
    • 5 minutes: Introduce new content (video from teacher or instructed by caregiver)
    • 10 minutes: Hands-on activity related to content or story (activities provided by teacher)

Suggestions for Extending Learning

    • 30-60 minutes of outdoor play
    • 10-20 minutes of reading with family (books of their choice)
    • 90+ minutes of imaginative play