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ESSER/GEER Extra, Volume 9

This week's volume of ESSER/GEER Extra includes: a recap and comparison of the components of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act funds; a reminder that ARP ESSER funds for A-TSI designated schools must be spent on those A-TSI-designated schools; a review of ARP ESSER payment and quarterly reporting processes; and information about upcoming webinars on ARP ESSER funding.

All editions of ESSER/GEER Extra are archived on PDE's website.
ARP Act Funding Overview
With so many moving pieces, we restructured our funding table to more clearly articulate the many important components of each ARP ESSER funding bucket. The funding table outlines the three separate buckets of ARP ESSER funding (i.e., the 90% allocation, the 7% set-asides for school districts and charter schools, and the 2.5% set-aside for other LEAs), and it also contains information about the ARP Homeless Children and Youth funds.

The table includes information about eligible entities, allowable uses, links to allocations, deadlines, and information about the grant profiles within eGrants (where applicable). Access the updated ARP Act funding table.
If my LEA is receiving ARP ESSER funds due to an A-TSI designation of a school within the LEA, must those funds be spent at that A-TSI school?
Yes. If an LEA receives a portion of the $14 million in ARP ESSER set-aside funds for A-TSI-designated schools, those funds must be used exclusively on the LEA's A-TSI designated school(s). Access the allocations of ARP ESSER set-aside funds for A-TSI-designated schools

What is the payment and reporting process for ARP ESSER funds?
Consistent with its administration of other federal funds, including ESSER I and ESSER II, PDE will make monthly payments for allowable ARP ESSER expenditures through the Financial Accounting Information (FAI) system. LEAs receiving ARP ESSER funds will be required to report on program implementation quarterly, with a final report due at the close of the ARP ESSER grant period. Additionally, LEAs must submit quarterly fiscal reports to continue receiving monthly payments through FAI. 

What if the amount expended is more than the scheduled monthly payment?
For the ARP ESSER quarterly fiscal reporting, an LEA is required to report the total cash disbursed (actual expenditures of funds, not obligations) on the project at the end of the quarter for which the report is filed. If an LEA files a quarterly report indicating a cash deficit (i.e., cash on hand is less than zero) and if the deficit is greater than 50% of the monthly payment amount, it will automatically initiate an accelerated payment during the next scheduled payment. Additional questions can be addressed to:

The Pa Association of Federal Program Coordinators (PAFPC), in conjunction with PDE, will host virtual Fall Regional Workshops on Tuesday, October 26. Stay tuned for more information.
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