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Act 45 Course Application Instructions

Accelerated Learning through an Integrated System of Supports

Pennsylvania Department of Education is pleased to present this new Act 45 course to ensure all schools across the Commonwealth are prepared for the return to school in the 2021-22 school year. In alignment with previous versions of the Roadmap for School Leaders, this course represents the “roadmap” for district teams to return to school, taking into consideration the effect the past year has had on their school community and student learning.

The goal of the Accelerated Learning Act 45 courses, provided at both 30-hour and 60-hour options, is to ensure all schools across the Commonwealth are prepared to address the needs of staff, students and the larger school community in overcoming the year- long pandemic challenges that disrupted normal routines, exacerbated existing inequities, and resulted in social, emotional and academic deficits that can be overcome by a comprehensive approach to accelerating learning through an integrated system of supports.

This series of professional learning modules focuses on the following key areas:

  1. Systems-based approach to accelerating learning in response to learning gaps
  2. Managing and improving system conditions through a continuous cycle of examining data and adjusting strategies accordingly
  3. Academic processes for assessment and data utilization
  4. Mental health and supportive learning environments
  5. Scaffolded supports for academic, social and emotional wellbeing
  6. Family engagement
  7. Implementation and monitoring routines
  8. Staffing, mentoring and induction

All aspects of this course have been designed by Pennsylvania Department of Education personnel and partners who adhere to the PA Academic Standards, Resiliency Framework, Comprehensive Planning, Future Ready Index and related statutes, regulations and guidelines.

To register for and earn Act 45 credit for participating in this course, you will need to do the following:

  1. Register to receive Act 45 credits by completing and submitting this Accelerated Learning Act 45 Registration form.
  2. Participate in at least 15 sessions to qualify for 30 hours of Act 45 credit; or
  3. Participate in at least 30 sessions to qualify for 60 hours of Act 45 credit. (Sessions attended are to be documented on the session completion form and submitted as part of the final report.)
  4. Complete the evaluation form at the end of every session you attend. Note that you will receive an exit code at the end of the session (synchronous and/or asynchronous). Be sure to select the correct session title from the dropdown menu (Act 45) on the evaluation form so you are properly credited.
  5. Apply the learning from the sessions to your LEA plan document. (Template provided). Act 45 credit requires that you spend an equivalent amount of time preparing for or applying the learning from the sessions as you do in the actual sessions. Time spent with your team developing your plan certainly counts. While there is no requirement for you to document this time, the quality of your plan will be an indication of your application of the learning.
  6. In addition to completing the session completion form indicating the sessions you attended, submit your completed plan document to the attention of Dr. Jeffrey Fuller, Director of Bureau of School Support, at , by October 30, 2021, for review and approval of Act 45 course completion and crediting of hours.