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Accelerated Learning through an Integrated System of Support

Checklist of Sessions (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

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Accelerated Learning – Overview

☐ Introduction to Accelerated Learning Series (April 13, 2021)

Systems Conditions

☐ Overview of the Systems Approach - Managing and Improving (April 13)

Stakeholder Engagement

☐ What Administrators Need to Know about Family Engagement, Part 1 (April 14)
☐ What Administrators Need to Know about Family Engagement, Part 2 (May 3)
☐ Stakeholder Mapping (Posted April 27)
☐ Developing District-Wide procedures for online and hybrid learning programs (Posted April 27)


☐ Equitable access to common devices, connectivity, instructional technology tools (Resources only)


☐ Assessing Educators' capacity and needs re: effectively teaching for accelerated learning (Posted April 13)
☐ Staff wellness and working climate/conditions (May 4)
☐ Recruitment, hiring and training of extended learning opportunities (Posted April 27)
☐ Mentoring and induction (June 10)

Managing and Improving

☐ Scheduling - Lessons learned from scheduling and transitions across learning environments over the past year (April 22)
☐ Framing community conversations (April 15)
☐ Implementation and Monitoring Routines (June 8)


☐ Overview of Comprehensive Academic Processes for Assessment and Data Utilization (April 27)

Process Series to Develop Comprehensive Academic System: 

☐ Assess- Local Assessments (April 27)
☐ Analyze and Interpret (Posted April 27)
☐ Instruction (Posted April 27)
☐ Reflect, Monitor and Share (Posted April 27)

Social and Emotional Wellness

☐ Overview of Comprehensive Mental Health Systems in Schools: Supporting Learning Environments (April 29
☐ Process Series to Develop Comprehensive Mental Health System: (Posted April 29)

      • Planning for Success
      • Moving to Action
      • Teaming for Success
      • Mobilization of Staff/Student Wellness

Scaffolded Supports

☐ Overview of Comprehensive Scaffolded Support Systems - Academics; Social-Emotional (May 6)
☐ Foundational Supports – Universal Design (May 11)
☐ Universal/Core Landscape – Explicit Instruction (May 13)
☐ Content Series to Develop Scaffolded Supports: (Posted May 6)

      • Class-wide Supports
      • Strategic and Intensive Supports
      • Additional Accelerated Opportunities
      • Supporting Students with Significant Learning and Behavioral Needs
      • Supporting Gifted Learners

Local Assessment- Additional Supports and Guidance – Coming August 2021

*Asynchronous sessions will be posted and available on PDE's Roadmap for Educational Leaders webpage.