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​Create and Implement Communication Plan

Communication throughout the summer and fall is vital to ensuring that all stakeholders feel prepared to return to buildings in the fall. LEAs should create a communication plan that lays out the regular touchpoints for each unique stakeholder group. A communication plan template is provided along with a status dashboard which can be regularly updated and shared with stakeholders by posting on the LEA’s website or other methods of distribution. Communication that is presented clearly and concisely with limited usage of jargon and abbreviations can increase the emotional and relationship connection of your message when delivered to stakeholders. Communication that addresses not only safety and logistical information, but includes what has been developed for wellness and what has gone well, increases optimism about the back to school plan and upcoming school year. It is important that all communication is accessible to all stakeholders (e.g., materials should be translated in families’ preferred home languages, the communication plan should include multiple modes of communication, all materials must comply with Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements).