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Social and Emotional Wellness Resources for Families

Over the past several months, schools, communities, families, and caregivers have experienced a disruption to their sense of security, structure, and routine as schools physically closed and transitioned to virtual learning environments because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During these uncertain times, our communities also have been impacted by racial and social unrest that has added an additional layer of stress to the overall situation that school communities are attempting to navigate. 

For many families, this added stress is relates to concern on how to balance being a parent or caregiver with helping further the education of their children, how to have difficult conversations about these uncertain times, and how address emotions in their children while they are also experiencing their own strong emotions.

With many schools across Pennsylvania moving to virtual or a hybrid model, more children will be learning from a home environment. These pages were designed to assist families with addressing emotions, moving forward with education for their children, and providing resources and ideas to promote a family balance while education is occurring in the home.

Topics: Creating a Safe Virtual Learning Environment | Managing and Coping with Emotions | Promoting Positive Learning Climates Online and at Home | Self-Care for Families and Youth | Talking to Youth About the Pandemic