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Act 13 of 2020 Waiver Applications Received and Approved/Denied by PDE

A list of Act 13 of 2020 waiver applications received by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) appears below, in order of receipt from the local education agency (LEA). The LEA’s approval/denial letter from PDE is also included below.

001Spring Cove School District4/21/2020Denied - Spring Cove School District
002aButler Area School District4/21/2020Denied - Butler Area School District
002bButler Area School District_4/23/2020Approved - Butler Area School District
003Washington School District4/21/2020Denied - Washington School District
004Scranton School District4/23/2020Withdrawal Confirmation - Scranton School District
005Harbor Creek School District4/24/2020Denied - Harbor Creek School District
006North Allegheny School District4/27/2020Withdrawal Confirmation - North Allegheny School District
007Indiana Area School District4/28/2020Denied - Indiana Area School District
008aFreeport Area School District4/30/2020Denied - Freeport Area School District
008bFreeport Area School District_4/30/2020Denied - Freeport Area School District
009Allegheny Intermediate Unit4/30/2020Approved - Allegheny Intermediate Unit
010Souderton Area School District5/4/2020Denied - Souderton Area School District
011aSchool District of Philadelphia5/6/2020Withdrawal Confirmation - School District of Philadelphia
011bSchool District of Philadelphia_5/6/2020Approved - School District of Philadelphia
011cSchool District of Philadelphia__5/6/2020Approved - School District of Philadelphia
012Norristown Area School District5/11/2020Denied - Norristown Area School District
013Donegal School District5/18/2020Denied - Donegal School District
014aIntermediate Unit 135/26/2020Denied - Intermediate Unit 13
014bIntermediate Unit 13_5/26/2020Approved - Intermediate Unit 13
015Greencastle-Antrim School District5/27/2020Denied - Greencastle-Antrim School District
016Fox Chapel Area School District5/28/2020Denied - Fox Chapel Area School District
017Intermediate Unit 15/28/2020Approved - Intermediate 1
018Venango Technology Center6/2/2020Approved - Venango Technology Center
019Cornwall-Lebanon School District6/3/2020Denied - Cornwall-Lebanon School District
020Penn Manor School District6/9/2020Denied - Penn Manor School District
021Central Montco Technical High School6/11/2020Approved - Central Montco Technical High School
022Cocalico School District6/17/2020Denied - Cocalico School District
023Pennsbury School District6/17/2020Approved - Pennsbury School District
024Pequea Valley School District6/24/2020Denied - Pequea Valley School District
025Carbon Career and Technical Institute6/25/2020Approved - Carbon Career and Technical Institute
026Warrior Run School District6/25/2020Denied - Warrior Run School District
027North Allegheny School District_6/26/2020Approved - North Allegheny School District
028Chester Community Charter School7/15/2020Approved - Chester Community Charter School
029Pittsburgh Public Schools7/20/2020Approved - Pittsburgh Public Schools
030Holy Cross High School7/23/2020Denied - Holy Cross High School
031Delaware Valley School District7/23/2020Withdrawl Confirmation - Delaware Valley School District
032Governor Mifflin School District7/28/2020Approved - Governor Mifflin School District
033School District of Lancaster7/28/2020Approved - School District of Lancaster
034Carbon Career and Technical Institute_8/4/2020Approved - Carbon Career and Technical Institute
035Corry Area School District8/6/2020Approved - Corry Area School District
036Apollo-Ridge School District8/11/2020Withdrawl Confirmation - Apollo-Ridge School District
037Steel Center for Career and Technical Education8/19/2020Approved and Denied - Steel Center for Career and Technical Education
038Fayette County Career Technical Institute8/19/2020Approved - Fayette County Career Technical Institute
039Northern Tioga School District8/26/2020Approved - Northern Tioga School District
040Lawrence County CTC8/28/2020Approved - Lawrence County Career and Technical Center
041Upper Darby School District9/11/2020Approved - Upper Darby School District
042Panther Valley School District9/17/2020Approved - Panther Valley School District
043South Middleton School District9/17/2020Denied - South Middleton School District
044Connellsville Area School District9/29/2020Approved - Connellsville Area School District
045West Side Career and Technology Center10/1/2020Denied - West Side Career and Technology Center
046Lampeter-Strasburg School District10/7/2020Approved - Lampeter-Strasburg School District
047Beaver County Career and Technology Center10/9/2020Approved - Beaver County Career and Technology Center
048North Allegheny School District__10/9/2020Approved - North Allegheny School District
049Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School10/15/2020Denied - Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School
050Yough Area School District10/28/2020Denied - Yough Area School District
051North Montco Technical Career Center10/28/2020Denied - North Montco Technical Career Center
052Panther Valley School District_12/7/2020Approved - Panther Valley School District
053Davidson School1/11/2021Denied - Davidson School