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Education Leading to Employment and Career Training (ELECT)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Page last updated: 5:00 pm on March 27, 2020

ELECT Conference

1. Is the ELECT conference cancelled?

No. The ELECT conference will be held virtually on Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 17. More information regarding the virtual conference will be shared shortly.

Service Delivery

2. Can ELECT programs provide services virtually?

Yes. If a district/school is closed due to COVID-19 response efforts, program staff must provide all service hours virtually. In-person services and consultation are not permitted.

Staff are expected to make every effort to meet the four (4) service hour requirement, even while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 response effort.

PDE will allow an additional 30 minutes of verbal phone consultation per month for the duration of the statewide school closure. This will increase the total service delivery by phone to one (1) hour per month.

Staff must provide at least one (1) hour of individual service delivery virtually, via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or other virtual means. This will remain the same as written in the ELECT guidelines. If a student doesn't have access to technology, internet, or other virtual meeting application, the ELECT program must contact the PDE program officer to receive approval for services to be delivered completely via verbal phone consultation.

Program staff must provide two (2) hours of group education, via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or other virtual means. Staff must document in the case notes an indirect service note that documents the district/school is closed and that service hours are being provided virtually. If a student doesn't have access to technology, internet, or other virtual meeting applications, the ELECT program must contact the Program office with PDE to receive approval for services to be delivered completely via verbal phone consultation.

Once the district/school reopens, staff are to resume normal programming protocols as outlined in the ELECT guidelines. Staff are to document any changes or explanations as to the decrease in service hours as an indirect service note.

3. Has PDE considered lowering the required number of service hours to 3?

Since consultation can be conducted virtually and by phone, there is no need to change the number of required service hours at this time.

4. If home visits are due, may case managers use virtual means to conduct the visit?

Yes, a virtual visit may count as a home visit because it occurred during the school/district closing. During the virtual consultation, staff should ensure child development and home safety are discussed and assessed to the extent possible. Staff are to document the circumstances that resulted in the need for the home visit to be done virtually.

5. If a student completes a questionnaire about Internet access, can that time count toward the service hour requirement for that student?

No, this does not count as service time since no direct service is provided to the student.

6. Does text messaging or social media messaging count towards service hours?

No. Text messaging and social media messaging does not provide adequate service to students and may not count toward the service hour requirement. Also, given that the amount of verbal phone time has been extended, text messaging and social media messaging should not be necessary.

7. What job duties are NOT allowable, during the COVID-19 response effort?

All job duties are allowable if expectations and associated job tasks listed in job descriptions are reasonable and necessary during the closure period.

8. Can case managers be paid to work remotely, while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 response effort?

Yes, staff may continue to be paid with ELECT grant funds for work completed remotely, including work done at the discretion of their employer/grantee in service to ELECT program requirements and service goals.

9. If an LEA is closed and ELECT staff are not allowed to work remotely due to union guidelines or LEA policy, how should ELECT staff proceed?

ELECT staff should follow their employer's policy regarding teleworking. If ELECT staff are not allowed to telework, document this in the students' casefiles – indicating the date range during which services were not delivered during the COVID-19 response efforts.

10. What will be the expectation if hourly staff can't maintain their hours and need to apply for partial unemployment?

ELECT staff must follow their employer's policy.

11. Can program staff provide emergency supplies to students (i.e., diapers, gift cards, formula, etc.)?

Staff should use their own discretion in fulfilling emergency needs. However, at no time should staff have in-person contact with students during the COVID-19 response effort. The only exception is if staff provide doula services to a student, as that is an allowable medical service.

Documentation of ELECT Services

12. Are case managers to continue documenting services hours while working remotely?

Yes, staff must document all service hours provided to students in the case file, including hours provided virtually.

13. How should programs report school attendance on the Monthly Attendance Report (MAR), if they are unable to obtain the information from a school district during the COVID-19 response effort?

If you are unable to obtain school attendance data while schools are closed for the COVID-19 response effort, you should leave the space blank on the MAR and provide an explanation as to why the date is not being reported.


14. Will an extension be provided for all ELECT programs for the Q3 report submission date?

The Q3 report is due April 30. ELECT programs may request an extension for the Q3 report from the PDE fiscal technician and the PDE program officer. Requests for extension must be submitted via email by April 15. When requesting the extension please explain in detail why the ELECT program is not able to meet the April 30 deadline. Extensions will be granted for up to one month after the statewide school closures are lifted.

15. Will ELECT programs continue to receive reimbursement while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 response effort?

PDE continues to process reimbursements; however, there may be a delay as Commonwealth employees are teleworking.


16. Programs continue to receive referrals. How do we enroll these students if we are unable to meet in-person to obtain signatures on releases and permissions?

ELECT programs may continue to enroll students but will need to do so virtually. You may begin providing services to the student once you obtain written approval via email or text form the parent/guardian. However, you must obtain the signed approval within five (5) business days of the student's school/district reopening and allowing students to return to school.

Exiting Students

17. Are students to be exited after three (3) weeks, if staff are unable connect with them?

No. If it's unclear if the reason for the lack of contact is because of COVID-19, staff are to wait until the student's school reopens. If staff continue to have trouble contacting or engaging the student, staff should exit the student at that time from the program. Prior to exiting the student, staff must first contact the Youth Coordinator with the Center for Schools and Communities and copy the Program Coordinator and Program Officer at PDE for review.