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Migrant Education Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Topics: Identification and Recruitment | Student Support and Instruction Plan | Local/State Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) | Special Project: MEP Summer Student Leadership Institutes for Middle and High School Students

Page last updated: 5:00 pm on March 27, 2020

Identification and Recruitment

1. Is the Statewide Regional Coordinator meeting and Statewide Recruiter training scheduled for April 28-29, 2020 cancelled?

No, the meetings are not cancelled. Both the Statewide Regional Coordinator meeting and Statewide Recruiter training will be conducted via Zoom April 28-29. Invitations via Zoom will be sent to participants approximately three weeks prior to the event.

2. Should Regional Recruitment Coordinators continue to hold local training and professional development?

All local trainings should continue as scheduled but must be held using a digital platform. No trainings may be held in-person during the COVID-19 response effort.

3. Should recruiters continue to identify potentially eligible families?

Yes, recruiters must continue identifying and researching potential leads in their assigned areas, during the COVID-19 response effort. Regional Coordinators must work with recruitment staff to develop a comprehensive plan to reach all identified leads once the restrictions are lifted. The vital work to identify potential families must be the focus of all recruitment staff.

4. Can recruiters meet in-person with potentially eligible families?

Recruiters may not meet in-person with eligible families during the COVID-19 response effort.

  • Recruiters must follow restrictions put in place by their employer.
  • Recruiters may not conduct any recruitment in counties under the Governor's stay-at-home order.
  • Recruiters may not conduct recruitment efforts in communities under a local stay-at-home order.
  • Recruiters may not conduct school-based recruitment in areas where schools are closed due to the COVID-19 response effort but may conduct community-based recruitment if no other restrictions apply.

5. Can recruiters make in-person visits with local referral sources?

No, recruiters must refrain from making in-person visits during the COVID-19 response effort. All communication must be conducted via an electronic platform or telephone.

6. Should recruiters visit family homes and/or places of employment to secure eligibility information and secure signatures on required documents?

No. Recruiters must complete the Certificate of Eligibility using an alternative means of communication.

7. Do completed Certificates of Eligibility have to go through the entire quality control committee?

Yes. All Certificates of Eligibility must continue to go through the rigorous Quality Control Committee and be processed within the required timeframe. Certificate of Eligibility Quality Control panels should be conducted virtually.

Student Support and Instruction Plan

8. Has the Professional Learning Community (PLC) scheduled for April 16, 2020 at the Reading Opportunity Center for Children (ROCC) been cancelled?

The April 16 PLC meeting will be conducted via Zoom. The invite for those participating has already been sent. A follow-up meeting will be conducted virtually in May.

9. How will Project Managers'/Regional Directors' monthly meetings be conducted?

The two remaining Project Managers' meetings will be conducted via Zoom. The meeting invitation with instructions to attend was sent to participants. Agendas are forthcoming.

10. Should we continue after school programs?

In-person afterschool services may not be provided, during COVID-19 response efforts. However, program staff are encouraged to explore ways to engage students and families virtually.

11. Should we continue planning our campus-based summer programs?

Yes, summer services are required. We understand that planning may be difficult while schools are closed due to COVID-19 response efforts. Care must be taken while conducting summer registrations of students to minimize the risk to the staff and may not be conducted in-person

12. Can programs provide services virtually?

Yes, programs may conduct services virtually, provided that the family is able to access such services (e.g., Internet access, electronic device, etc.). A list of free online resources will be shared with the Project Managers, so they can work with their staff to align services based on student needs. Please continue to serve Priority for Service (PFS) students first.

13. How do we know which families can receive services virtually?

Each Project Area should contact families via phone to ask about their well-being, whether they are receiving schoolwork from their schools, and whether they have access to the Internet. If they do not have Internet or Wi-Fi access, help connect the family to low or no-cost options, as available.

14. How do we document services?

Programs should continue using the appropriate codes in MIS2000 to document services.

15. What is the requirement for marking students served?

The requirement continues to be a minimum of two (2) visits and may include virtual visits.

Local/State Parent Advisory Councils (PAC)

16. Has the MEP State PAC Officers Quarterly Meeting scheduled for April 18, 2020, been cancelled?

The April 18 MEP State PAC Officers Meeting will be conducted via Zoom. Officers requiring interpretation services and/or do not have access to the Internet will be connected by individual conference calls.

17. Should the Project Areas cancel all pending MEP Local PAC Meetings?

All MEP Project Areas are advised to follow federal, state and local COVID-19 social distancing guidance and the contingency plans provided by their local administrators. Project Areas also are advised to follow up with parents via conference calls, e-mails, text messaging and other social media platforms that they have already established with their parent groups.

18. Should all pending MEP Local PAC Elections be cancelled?

Yes. All elections should be postponed, until Project Managers and/or PDE provide further notice or guidance. Fall MEP Statewide PAC Elections may be postponed until 2021.

19. Will the Parent Coordinators Professional Development Training Date scheduled for June 19, 2020 be cancelled?

No. A modified training session will be delivered via Zoom. All assigned Parent Coordinators and support staff should plan to participate.

Special Project: MEP Summer Student Leadership Institutes for Middle and High School Students

20. Should the MEP Support Staff continue to recruit students for the scheduled MEP Summer Student Leadership Institutes?

Yes. Since in-person recruitment and registration is prohibited during the COVID-19 response effort, staff should consider alternative ways of communicating with students and collecting registrations by the established due dates. Summer contractors were contacted and are required to submit alternative means for delivering summer programming using on-line platforms.

21. Will secondary school-age students that live in rural areas and/or do not have access to the internet be offered special summer programming services?

Project Areas will be informed of available options, once developed.

22. What is the cancellation date for facilities at Keystone College for MEP SLI Programming?

The cancellation date is May 20, 2020. The Keystone College Office for Events and Conference requires a 30-day cancellation notification.