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Federal Perkins Grant

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Bureau of Career and Technical Education administers grant funding under the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act.

PDE understands that the mandated closure of Pennsylvania schools due to the COVID-19 response effort creates uncertainty regarding administration of federal Perkins grants for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

Below is a list of general questions and answers. PDE will update this document with additional guidance as needed.

​Topics: Equipment | Funding/Budgets | Monitoring | Staff

Page last updated at 11 am on April 23, 2020.


During this mandated closure, is it permissible to continue to pay Perkins-funded staff with Perkins funding?

Yes, it is allowable, as long as your local education agency’s (LEA) policies permit you to do so with state and local funding under similar circumstances and the staff are performing work as indicated in their position description.


Can Perkins funds designated for supplies be moved to purchase software?

Follow guidelines regarding budget revisions.

Can we use Perkins funding to purchase additional equipment?

Yes. Perkins funds can be used to purchase equipment, provided the equipment is for students enrolled in CTE programs and a budget revision is completed and approved, as applicable.

Can LEAs donate or loan personal protective equipment (PPE) or other medical supplies and equipment purchased with federal funds to health agencies and providers?

Yes. If PPE, other medical supplies or equipment, or equipment that may be used to produce medical supplies are not needed for program activities at the time of donation or loan, the medical items may be donated or loaned to public health agencies, licensed non-profit hospitals, and other licensed healthcare providers. In donating or loaning medical items, grantees and subgrantees should not assume additional Federal funds will be made available should the donations, loan, or repurposing of funds result in any type of shortage.

Grantees and subgrantees must maintain appropriate documentation of the disposition of all donated or loaned items, which should include:

  1. a description of the types and quantities of equipment or supplies donated or loaned,
  2. the source and amount of Federal funds used to purchase the items,
  3. the entities to which the items were donated or loaned, and
  4. the date of donation or loan, and if loaned, the date items were returned.

The USDE Donation or Loan of Protective Equipment and Other Medical Supplies Purchased with Federal Funds Memo offers additional details.


Will Perkins monitoring visits be rescheduled?

Yes, visits will be rescheduled. The Perkins Advisor will contact you once schools reopen and state employees return to the physical office.


Will monthly payments of federal grants continue?

Grantees with an "Active" status in the FAI payment system received a payment on March 23. PDE does not anticipate a disruption of payments for April, provided grantees submit Quarterly Reports by April 14, 2020.

Can grant activities and objectives be changed?

No, during the grant revision process only the budget section can be changed.

How do we handle the canceling of scheduled professional development and other activities within our budgets? Will we have extra time to spend those dollars?

No, the grant period ends June 30, 2020. The Tydings Amendment does not allow grant recipients to carry over funds. A budget revision may be completed in order to reallocate funds.  Perkins funds may be used to pay for cancelation fees for Perkins funded events and rental property.

Are there any changes to Uniform Grant Guidance because of COVID-19?

Yes, several of the changes related to Uniform Grant Guidance are mentioned in this Q & A document. PDE will continue to review this information and further guidance is forthcoming. Access additional information on Uniform Grant Guidance.