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Asian American Voices in Poetry
This collection, from The Poetry Foundation, is intended to introduce new readers to Asian American poets and to help those who are interested in learning more about these poets and their poetry. It is an ongoing project to make visible the vastness and variety of U.S. literary culture and to expand our notions of human experience in our time.

Pacific Islander Poetry & Culture
Another collection from The Poetry Foundation, this time featuring Pacific Islander poets and bios, plus links to articles, blog posts, and video resources. Complied by Craig Santos Perez. 

Award-winning magazine of the Asian American Writers Workshop focusing on literature, arts, and ideas, dedicated to inventing the Asian American creative culture of tomorrow. As the editorial arm of AAWW, it draws upon a commitment to social justice to imagine a vibrant, nuanced, multiracial, and transnational Asian America. The Margins is visited by an average of 3,000 people weekly, and has received over a million views since its launch in 2012. 

Hyphen Magazine
An online magazine focusing on Asian American news and culture. 

"Beloved Asian American Literature You Must Read" by Karissa Chen (May 2017)
NY Public Library asks Karissa Chen (editor of Hyphen magazine) to share a list of her favorite Asian American books. She writes, "I highlight some of the contemporary literature that has meant the most to me personally, with a greater emphasis on books that have been published in the last few years. Of course, this means I’m leaving out a good number of books that I’m sure would belong on someone else’s list. This also means the list skews heavily towards literary fiction, which is what I tend to read the most."

Library of Congress - "Asian American Literature Today: AA Lettres Fellows"
A panel discussion featuring writers Ocean Vuong, Cathy Linh Che and Eugenia Leigh on the state of Asian American literature.

"Poetry is Dangerous" by Kazim Ali
A reading of the essay "Poetry is Dangerous" by Kazim Ali from Orange Alert: Essays on Petry, Art, and the Architecture of Silence (2010).

"Six Notes of Cicada Songs" by Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi
Perhaps the most striking feature of “Six Notes of Cicada Songs” is that the story itself feels so much like a piece of oral history, a song meant to contain a vanished time and place — a Japanese internment camp during World War II — so that we never forget what has transpired.

"The Power in Sharing Our Stories" by Kao Kalia Yang
Kao Kalia Yang immigrated to the Unites States when she was six years old after spending her first years in a Thai refugee camp. She is the award-winning author of The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir, and the forthcoming book The Song Poet. Yang is a graduate of Carleton College and Columbia University's School of the Arts.