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A-Doc Film Database
This is a database of documentaries about Asian American topics, produced by Asian Americans. This resource is geared toward educators looking to screen a film in their classroom, student or community organizations looking to host a screening. Each film listing provides contact information and details on purchasing a license. Not all filmmakers on this database are A-Doc members, but many are. We promote A-Doc member films whose diverse work is focused outside of Asian American content in an additional database. Films below have relevant content to Asian American Studies and many have study guides. Filmmakers have presented these films at academic conferences, classroom visits, guest lectures, and campus screenings.

"Just Me and Allah: A Queer Muslim Photo Project" by Samra Habib
A Tumbler photo project feature queer Muslims’ stories. The subjects in this project  include refugees from Iran, kids from Brooklyn dealing with Islamophobia, and many more from around the world. 

Photographer Samra Habib on Highlighting LGBTQ Muslims
"Just Me and Allah: A Queer Muslim Photo Project" is the brainchild of Toronto photographer Samra Habib. She joins Shad ["Q on CBC"] to talk about how the Tumbler series explores the beauty, and the complications, of being being both LGBT and Muslim.

50 Objects / Stories: The Japanese American Incarceration
Material objects have a special resonance for Americans of Japanese ancestry. When an entire racial group was banned from the West Coast during World War II, an ocean of objects was lost forever...Our goal was to take things that remain and excavate their stories while some memory is still alive. What is the biography of objects that have survived a traumatic period? How do things carry memory? How do they tell the stories of people’s lives?

“The Undeniable Force of Khó Khăn” by Cindy Nguyen
A film on the bittersweet nature of love, language, and memory.

"Side by Side" by Glenn and Julie Morey
There is no single human story that allows us to understand what happened to the millions of infants and children separated from their South Korean families of origin, over the last more than 60 years. It does, in fact, require many stories...There are 100 stories in this online video installation...We know what each story required of the teller—in human cost, in the emotional toll of remembering love and loss, in the spontaneous and sometimes searing revelations of the moment. 

"Yappie" by Phillip Wang
"Yappie" is a single-camera comedy that explores the social and racial issues related to the contemporary Asian American experience from the perspective of Andrew and his friends who are all "yappies." Andrew is a 29 year old Chinese American who, for most of his life, has never questioned his place or his purpose, unintentionally becoming a "model minority." But for the first time, due to some new influences and experiences, Andrew is discovering the effects of his invisibility on the canvas of diversity and is finally realizing he wants to do something about it.

Asian Americans
Asian Americans is a five-hour film series that delivers a bold, fresh perspective on a history that matters today, more than ever. Told through intimate personal stories, the series will cast a new lens on U.S. history and the ongoing role that Asian Americans have played.

Asian Americans K-12 Curriculum
Through relevant and engaging lesson plans and activities, the resources developed will seek to inspire a deeper understanding of the history, current experience, and future trajectory of our nation's fastest-growing demographic group. Important content and themes explored in the PBS Asian Americans series will be used to teach concepts while meeting national content standards.

Virtual Town Hall Discussion of PBS' Asian Americans