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​General Equity Practices: Individual Resources

The following resources are considered appropriate in supporting educational entities in global equity practices. These resources are a broad approach to equitable practices and systemic change.

Pennsylvania Equity and Inclusion Toolkit
The Pennsylvania Equity and Inclusion Toolkit was designed to assist all school entities in their efforts to prevent and address bias and discrimination. This Toolkit provides relevant, evidence-based resources and information for school leaders and administrators to ensure that all students feel safe, respected, and welcomed in classrooms across the Commonwealth. This Toolkit has three focus areas – prevention, response, and recovery – aimed at helping educators address and eliminate bias, discrimination, and harassment and promote equity and inclusion in schools.

Pennsylvania Career Ready Skills (PA CRS)
PA CRS are social emotional learning progressions that support the development of student competence. The PA CRS are grouped into three domains: 1) self-awareness and self-management, 2) establishing and maintaining relationships, and 3) social problem solving. The PA CRS are useful for embedding into current tiered support systems K-12. A toolkit, continuum and other important resources are provided.

Mental Health Supports - PDE Office for Safe Schools
Mental health disorders in children and adolescents are described as serious changes in the way children typically learn, behave, or handle their emotions, causing distress and problems getting through the day. It is estimated that approximately 30 percent of school aged children will experience a behavioral, mental, or developmental condition in any given year. This page contains resources for parents, educators, and professionals serving children and youth in the school and community settings. Equitable practices are appropriate and necessary to support students with mental health concerns.

PA Family Engagement Framework
A tool to guide the implementation of effective practices, use of shared language, and a family engagement continuum for families across their child’s educational lifespan. This comprehensive tool reviews the foundational practices for effective and authentic family engagement as well as learning community standards.

Pennsylvania Evidence Resource Center
A resource provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to support educators in selecting and reviewing evidence-based practices in the areas of: PA Future Ready Indicators, PA Essential Practices, and Student Wellness. This resource is useful to districts in selecting appropriate practices in their development and sustainability of tiered supports for academics, behavior or social-emotional learning, as well as family engagement and other pertinent systemic topics.

MAEC - Equity Audit Tools
The Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium developed three equity audit tools, with the focus beginning with creating an equitable school, to creating an equitable classroom, and finally focusing on teacher behaviors to enhance student persistence. These tools are not required to be used together, however each offer a distinctive evaluation of equitable educational practices.

Teaching Tolerance
Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors, and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Educators use the materials to supplement the curriculum, to inform their practices, and to create civil and inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued, and welcome participants.

Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania - Social Justice and Equity Resources
The Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania (ASPP) provides a dedicated collection of equity and social justice resources in the context of: Equity, Anti-Racism, Social Justice and Race-Based Trauma. School psychologists and other school mental health professionals are able to review these resources and apply the content to their current practice and service delivery methods.

Pennsylvania School Counselors Association - Equity and Anti-Racism Resources
The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association (PSCA) provides a dedicated collection of equity and anti-racism resources to support school counselors and other related school mental health service providers in the understanding of how to engage in self-directed professional learning and also embed into their service delivery methods with students, educational staff and families.

Count Us In: Advancing Equity in Rural Schools and Communities | MAEC, Inc.
The Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC) compiled a series of essays, articles, and research to tackle the question: how do we, as a society, value and support rural students and families? Users will benefit from accessing current information around equity in rural spaces

Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: A Call to Action - The Aspen Institute
Both equity and social, emotional, and academic development are currently receiving much-needed attention, but neither can fully succeed without recognizing strengths and addressing gaps in these complementary priorities. Rather than being pursued as two separate bodies of work, the field needs to identify ways in which equity and social, emotional, and academic development can be mutually reinforcing. To accomplish this requires examining issues of race directly; this can be difficult and uncomfortable, but we cannot avoid race and let the challenges go unacknowledged and, therefore, inadequately addressed.

Equitable Practices for All Students - Dr. Tyrone Howard - Episode 4 - YouTube
PaTTANpod Episode: Dr. Tyrone Howard shares what it looks like, feels like, and sounds like in an equitable school setting.