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Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Schools

Articles, Publications, and Reports

  • 2015 National School Climate Survey, GLSEN – This report includes data and information related to LGBTQ middle and high school students' experiences in school, including hearing biased language, experiences of harassment and assault, anti-LGBTQ discrimination, impacts of a hostile school climate, and the availability and use of school- based resources and supports.

  • From Teasing to Torment: School Climate Revisited – A Survey of U.S. Secondary School Students and Teachers, GLSEN, 2016 – This report highlights findings from a survey of U.S. high school students and educators regarding perceptions of school climate; personal experiences of safety, bullying, and harassment; LGBT-related school- based resources and supports; attitudes and perceptions of students and teachers; and professional development and anti-bullying/harassment policies; among other topics.

  • Best Practices: Creating an LGBT-inclusive School Climate, Teaching Tolerance – This article provides information and resources for educators and school leaders to help create a more inclusive school climate for LGBT students, including links to self- assessment tools, suggestions for using climate survey data, training resources, and frequently asked questions.

  • Teaching Respect: LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum and School Climate, GLSEN – This research brief summarizes the impact of students' exposure to LGBT-inclusive curricula and school climate.

  • Important LGBTQ Dates, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Resource Center, Michigan State University – This webpage provides a summary of dates where LGBTQ communities come together to observe, including links to relevant online resources and information.

  • Education Resources, Gender Spectrum – This online resource page includes information and links for promoting gender inclusive learning environments for students, including understanding gender, research and reports, information on supporting gender-expansive students, legal and policy issues related to gender and schools, and planning documents (gender inclusive framework, assessment tool, and action planning).

  • The Gender Spectrum, Teaching Tolerance – This article shares research and insights on how gender identity differs from biological sex, and how educators can help support students who are gender non-conforming or gender expansive. The article also includes a list of "Words You Should Know," as well as questions to consider for creating a gender-inclusive classroom.

Lesson Plans and Activities

  • LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum, GLSEN – This online resource page provides guides, tools, and lesson plans to help incorporate LGBT history, themes, and people into students' learning experiences and curricula.

  • Lesson Plans on Bullying, Bias, and Diversity, GLSEN – This webpage features lessons to help improve school climate, build leadership, and encourage ally behavior. It also features lessons and activities related to "No Name-Calling Week" for elementary, middle, and high schools.

  • Classroom Resources – Sexual Orientation, Teaching Tolerance – Educators can find lesson plans and classroom activities related to LGBTQ identity for grades K-12. Examples include curricula on "The Role of Gay Men and Lesbians in the Civil Rights Movement," "Marriage Equality," and Art and LGBT Rights."

  • Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Welcoming Schools – This online webpage includes a wide range of resources and tools, including bullying prevention films, diverse books, guides for answering challenging questions, curriculum guides, and training programs.

  • Reading LGBTQ-Inclusive Children's Books in Schools, HRC Welcoming Schools – This online resource provides questions and recommendations for educators to consider when selecting and reading LGBTQ-inclusive children's books in schools.

  • #Day1 Campaign, Tyler Clementi Foundation – This campaign encourages schools, campuses, and workplaces to promote safe and supportive environments that are free from bullying, harassment, and humiliation.

  • Day of Silence – Resources, GLSEN – Includes information about how schools and students can participate in the student-led national Day of Silence, in which students take a vow of silence to raise awareness of the impact of bullying and harassment on LGBTQ students and those perceived to be LGBTQ.

  • Ally Week, GLSEN – This national campaign aims to spark a week-long dialogue at about how community members – in and out of school – can help support LGBTQ youth. The website also includes an "Ally Week Guide for Educators."

  • National Coming Out Day, GLSEN – This year will mark the 29th anniversary of National Coming Out Day, which honors individuals who come out as LGBTQ or as a straight ally. The campaign webpage includes links to information and resources.

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