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Non-Public Safe School Grants Guidance

This document provides guidance from PDE’s Office for Safe Schools concerning the role of Intermediate Units in implementing safe school grants to nonpublic schools. These grants are awarded to Intermediate Units on a reimbursement basis for the provision of safe school programs and equipment to nonpublic schools for eligible purposes. Administrative costs should be 5% or less. If total administrative costs are over 5%, you will need to adjust the budget to allow only up to the 5% cap. Indirect costs are not permitted.

Purchase of Equipment or Programs

IUs shall contact their respective nonpublic schools to decide how the funds will be used for either services, programs or equipment. Please note that no funds should be advanced or paid to the nonpublic schools from the IU.

The IU, along with the nonpublic school grant recipients, will decide on a vendor to provide the equipment or program.

There are two options available to purchase the equipment and/or programs for the nonpublic schools:

Option #1: IUs can purchase the programs and equipment, and then loan these items to the respective nonpublic schools. IUs then submit the invoices to PDE for reimbursement through eGrants, as described below.

Option #2: IUs can require the nonpublic schools to conduct the procurement process for purchasing of programs and equipment on the IU’s behalf. In doing so, the IUs may require the nonpublic to follow the IU’s procurement policies. The IU will be treated as the purchaser or owner of equipment and will be invoiced by the vendor. IUs are responsible for paying the vendors. IU’s collect invoices and submit to PDE for reimbursement through eGrants, as described below.


Two options that are available for IUs to use for contracting services or programs for the nonpublic schools.

Option #1: The IU contracts directly with the vendor for services or programs at the nonpublic school.
Note that no contract can be made with a nonpublic school for the nonpublic school to complete the project.

Option #2: The nonpublic schools contract directly with the vendor for the program/services. The vendor then invoices the IU for payment. In doing so, the IUs may require the nonpublic to follow the IU’s procurement policies.

Submitting Invoices to State for Reimbursement

  1. IU will create and upload (on IU letterhead) an invoice to eGrants showing their expenses.
  2. IU will submit their Final Expenditure Report (FER) via eGrants.
  3. Office of Safe Schools will process the FERs and send them to the Comptroller's Office.
  4. Comptroller’s Office will send payment directly to the IU. Timing of payments is contingent upon submission of actual invoices and typically within 30 days.

Note: The IUs will retain ownership of the equipment and will be responsible for inventorying. IUs may require nonpublic schools to sign agreements regarding use of IU-purchased equipment so long as those agreements are consistent with IU equipment policy. Note also that IUs may limit the purchase of equipment that constitutes a permanent fixture to the facility of the nonpublic school or at its option, decline to take ownership of such equipment.

If necessary, requests to carryover of these funds to the new state fiscal year can be submitted to the Office of Safe Schools. PDE will then need to obtain a budgetary waiver and adjust contracts with requesting IUs.