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Certificate Action Details

Notification Date12/4/2017
Name of IndividualJohn Dunphy
Other Names
Date of Birth3/20/1967
Last School in Which EmployedImhotep Institute Charter School
Last Position HeldTeacher
Certificate TypeInstructional II Pennsylvania teaching certificate; Supervisory I Pennsylvania certificate; and an Administrative I Pennsylvania certificate.
Certification AreaEnglish 7-12, K-12, and Secondary Principal 7-12
Action TakenReinstated
Grounds for DisciplineOn December 4, 2017, the Professional Standards and Practices Commission reinstated Dunphy’s Instructional II Pennsylvania teaching certificate in the area of English 7-12. Dunphy’s Supervisory I certificate and his Administrative I certificate shall remain suspended in accordance with the Commission’s March 31, 2017 Memorandum and Order.
Date Action Taken12/4/2017