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Forms for Filing with PDE

Act 80 Electronic Request Instructions

Instructions for electronic filing to request PDE approval for Act 80 activities. Submit the Act 80 request electronically via the Act 80 application. Use of Act 80 is restricted to registered users. 

​Descriptions​Used By
Instructions (PDF)​ Request for Section 1504 Exception (Act 80 of 1969)
​School District
Intermediate Unit

Determination of School District of Residence

This form is used to determine the school district of residence of a nonresident student in a residential facility or institution.  Complete this form and mail to the alleged school district of residence. Retain with documentation in LEA files for auditor review. 

​Description​Used By
PDE-4605  (PDF)

​Determination of District of Residence for Students
 in Facilities or Institutions

School District
Intermediate Unit
Career and Technology Center
Charter School Private
Residential Rehabilitative Institution