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​Juveniles Incarcerated in Adult Facilities

Section 1306.2 of the School Code requires that persons under twenty-one years of age who are confined to an adult local correctional institution following a charge for a criminal offense shall be eligible for educational services in the same manner and to the same extent as a student who has been placed in an alternative education program for disruptive students pursuant to Article XIX-C (Disruptive Student Programs).

These services are provided to a resident school district by a host school district, which is defined as the school district in which the adult facility resides.  A resident school district is the school district in which the incarcerated student is a member and is responsible for providing funding to the host school district.  Payments to the host school district and from the resident school district are processed by the Department's Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management via deductions from the resident school district's Basic Education Funding.


Forms for Filing with Other School Districts

Listing of Juveniles Incarcerated in Adult Facilities and Participating in an Education Program:

Year-End Report / Preliminary Report (note: these templates can be used for any school year        

Determination of District of Residence for Juveniles Incarcerated in Adult Facilities