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Procedure for Calculating Estimated Loss of Subsidy per Day for a Select Group of Students

  1. Determine what percent the “select group” is of the school district’s total enrollment.

  2. Multiply this percent by the school district’s total Basic Education Funding (BEF) allocation to calculate BEF for the select group. Note: BEF can be obtained from the PDE website

  3. Divide the BEF for the select group by the required days in session to calculate subsidy per day. The required days-in session is equal to 180 days minus the number of approved full-day Act 80 days used.

  4. Multiply the subsidy per day (step 3) times the number of days needed to meet the required days in session.

Note: This is an estimated amount of subsidy that the district will lose per day for the “select group” of students.