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Perceptual Driving Program

The Perceptual Driving Program can be used as a supplement to Module III of the Pennsylvania Enhanced Driver Education Program Guide. The Program is the result of a NHTSA/Penn DOT grant, developed in 1993 by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Enhanced Driver Education Program Guide was adopted in 2000 by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Perceptual Driving Program is not only intended for novice drivers. The program would be beneficial for increasing driving awareness for older drivers as well as an enhancement for skill development for drivers of all skill levels.  

Besides being an important segment of the Commonwealth Driver Education curriculum, Perceptual Driving and the hands-on companion, the Driver Proficiency Program, has been used for training of EMS drivers, corporate safety and community organizations as well as serving as the mandated training program for municipal police forces in Pennsylvania.  

The Perceptual Driving Program was developed by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Institute for Rural Health & Safety through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as per NDSP Grant (2019-2020 & 2021) HSO Section 9, items 1 & 51 & 5 and in agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.     

The Perceptual Driving Program establishes a foundation for selective seeing, evaluating, and responding to selective traffic scenes. Once this process is learned, the beginning driver will then be able to apply it to various environments and situations. The program is designed to teach drivers selective visual skills for greater vehicle control and seeing.