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​Partial PA State Literacy Needs Assessment (PaSLNA)

The team may select to use the Partial (PaSLNA) to assess a single grade span and component(s) instead of assessing all grade spans and components within the Complete PA State Literacy Needs Assessment.  Each team member completes the selected grade span and component(s) individually prior to meeting as a group. During the group meeting, members are encouraged to share their perspective to help the group reach consensus on each item. If a group is unable to reach consensus on an item, this may indicate that the strategies and actions are emerging but not in place consistently.

This in-depth analysis will provide LEAs with the information needed to identify specific needs within a component or a grade span, or identify any needs existing across the continuum.  Results may show a consistent need in a single grade span (e.g. 9-12) or a consistent need within a component spanning across all grade spans (e.g. transition).  These findings will allow the LEA to identify priority areas for growth and intervention in their Local Literacy Plan. 

Birth-Age 5




Total Scoring Table (PDF)

Demographic Data PaSLNA (PDF)

Student Achievement Data PaSLNA (PDF)

PaSLNA Synthesis (PDF)