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Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) Toolkit 

TDA - Text Dependent Analysis, Reading Comprehension - Analysis - Essay WritingThe purpose of this toolkit is to provide literacy resources related to Text Dependent Analysis instruction and assessment.

Center for Assessment

Text Dependent Analysis Series

Learning Progressions

The Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) grade-span Learning Progressions (LPs) are designed to be used as an instructional tool. The TDA LPs are structured in grade spans (3-5 and 6-8) with four levels, Beginning, Emerging, Development, and Meeting. The levels describe the typical path we see in student responses as the student moves toward demonstrating more sophisticated understanding of analysis. The LPs include descriptions of student work which characterize each level from the beginning TDA writer to one who is meeting the expectations of text dependent analysis essay writing. The TDA LPs can be used by teachers to identify student strengths and needs based on what a student can do at a specific point in time. This informs the teacher's instructional decision-making about moving student comprehension, analysis and writing to the next level.

TDA Instructional Prompt Guides and Grade-level Instructional Plans with Close Reading Lessons

The Text Dependent Analysis Instructional Prompt Guides contain the following sections: text complexity, instructional text-dependent analysis prompt, example proficient student response as written by the teacher, grade-level text, annotated student work, and possible instructional next steps. The guides should be used in conjunction with the Learning Progressions.  

The Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) close reading lessons are designed to be an example pathway for teaching comprehension and analysis of the reading elements. The Learning Plan guides teachers through the planning and teaching of each lesson, as well as modeling the response to a TDA prompt. Each collection of grade-level close reading lessons focuses on the text excerpt and corresponding prompt found in the grade-level Annotated Student Responses.