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​Proposed Delinquent Calculations Based Upon 15 Consecutive Days


Origin AUNOrigin District Institution Allocation by LEA to be Deducted from Total Title I Preliminary Delinquent Allocations 2019-2020
302024077Shuman Juvenile Detention Center$73,206.00
339141046The Meadows Psychiatric Center/UCBH$140,174.00
326518966Youth Study Center$83,292.00
325237414Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center$65,008.00
307654850Westmoreland County Regional Youth Services Center$30,473.00
323455715Montgomery County Youth Center - Detention$87,355.00
300140730Central Counties Youth Center$18,284.00
320480775Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center - Detention$75,166.00
305250002Edmund L Thomas Adolescent Center$36,567.00
322096406Bucks County Youth Center $65,008.00
315222356Herbert A Schaffner Youth Center$48,756.00
305253494Perseus House Inc - Shelter$38,599.00
213360552Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center$79,229.00
304434255Keystone Adolescent Center - Keystone Education Center$46,725.00
314063918Abraxas Academy$134,080.00
316156642Chester County Youth Center$62,977.00
303027820Pyramid Healthcare - Ridgeview Adolescent Behavior Health Center$111,733.00
388659244Alternative Living Solutions - Broad Street Apartments #441000$6,095.00
312289333Abraxas Youth Center$115,796.00
307434171Keystone Adolescent Center - Keystone Shelter Care$40,630.00
318667834EIHAB Human Services, Inc. - Main Campus$26,410.00
310659618Alternative Living Solutions - Georges Station 915 #442110$6,095.00
326510558Philadelphia Prison Penny pack House$42,662.00
305200000Hermitage House Youth Services 2$12,189.00
319358635Vision Quest National Ltd (Standing Timber Academy)$22,347.00
305244664Perseus House Inc - Collaborative Intensive Community Treatment Program$32,504.00
301260180Adelphi Village - Alliance House$24,378.00
361658746Alternative Living Solutions - Broad Street Apartments #444600$4,063.00
300512140Bridge School$83,292.00
305251074Erie County Prison$10,158.00
312286971Franklin County Jail$5,415.00
300656550Outside in School Inc$54,147.00
330495900True Core Behavioral Solutions, LLC Coal Township Youth Acd.$32,488.00
307653464Adelphi Village Colony Home$32,488.00
315213051Diakon Wilderness Center$81,220.00
300650430Adelphi Village Margaret Home$24,366.00
311659598Adelphi Village Judge Charles E. Marker House$29,781.00
374650677Alternative Living Solutions - Twin Run Apartment #443960$5,415.00
307655648Adelphi Village - SIL Saxman$18,951.00
313361933Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services Inc. (DARS 1)$73,098.00
313360845Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services Inc. (DARS 2)$13,537.00
378436395Keystone Residential Center$46,025.00
306612032Pathways Adolescent Center$208,465.00
311654242Adelphi Village Sweeney Home$32,488.00
312670477Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc. - York Residential Program$32,488.00
307654971Adelphi Village Monastery Run$37,903.00
349674793York County Prison$27,073.00
307650447Alternative Living Solutions - Georges Station Apartments 917A $2,707.00
307659914Outside In School of Experiential Education, Inc.$97,464.00
303020003New Outlook Academy$194,928.00
300260060Adelphi Village Anchor House$29,781.00
300106290Summit Academy$511,687.00
305251214Perseus House Inc - Andromeda House Intensive Treatment Unit$24,366.00
307651069Adelphi Village Susan's Place$29,781.00
312283332Abraxas Leadership Development Program$273,441.00
305205435Bethesda Children's Home$135,367.00
315227330Dauphin County Prison$35,195.00
304432083Keystone Adolescent Center - Transitional Living - Male$18,951.00
322093621Edison Court Inc Easton Manor$8,122.00
302161967Mid Atlantic Youth Services, Inc. - Western PA Child Care$178,684.00
305206440Bethesda Children's Home - Walnut Corners Group Home$24,366.00
361657799Alternative Living Solutions - Broad Street Apartments #444610$2,707.00
302026050Ward Home - Friendship SIL$2,707.00
306275058Lighthouse Island Academy$37,903.00
300650450Adelphi Village Raphael House$21,659.00
300254471Perseus House Inc - Florence Crittenton$5,415.00
305205343Bethesda Children's Home - Morris Road Group Home$21,659.00
324159732CONCERN - Treatment Unit for Boys - Coatesville Campus$59,561.00
304438798Keystone Adolescent Center - Transitional Living - Female$10,829.00
318400026Mid Atlantic Youth Services, Inc. - PA Child Care$111,001.00
307651850Adelphi Village Vincent Home$35,195.00
321139266CONCERN - Treatment Unit for Boys - Lehighton Campus$48,732.00
319351694Lackawanna County Prison$8,122.00
306277046Cornell Abraxas I - Arlene Lissner High School$322,173.00
323466499Saint Gabriels Hall$360,076.00
308565270Adelphi Village Greystone$37,903.00
320480340Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center - Residential$43,317.00
371656408Adelphi Village - Middle Creek Secure Sexual Offender$24,366.00
303021546Ward Home - East McKeesport$5,415.00
320452888Vision Quest - Blue Ridge Academy$21,659.00
307658597Adelphi Village Middle Creek Male$35,195.00
322095102Bucks County Youth Center - Residential Service Unit$27,073.00
312672581Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc. - Susquehanna Trail Residential Program$35,195.00
307652675Adelphi Village Middle Creek Female$29,781.00
322094309Community Service Foundation - Woodside Avenue$10,829.00
305253827Perseus House Inc - Enhanced RTF$13,537.00
304434580George Junior Republic in PA - Grove City$1,190,879.00
322097104Community Service Foundation - Ross Drive$13,533.00
307650559Cove PREP$60,897.00
320483681Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center - Girls Program$40,598.00
320480245Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center - Specialized$40,598.00
300600850Diversified Treatment Alternatives$71,047.00
305251832Perseus House Inc - Male RTF$50,748.00
322095441Community Service Foundation - Old New Road$13,533.00
300253250Hermitage House Youth Services$104,879.00
305253667Perseus House Inc - Andromeda House Residential Treatment Facility$50,748.00
322093480Mathom House$98,112.00
307647164Adelphi Village - SIL Hilltop$10,150.00
303024846Ward Home - Wilkinsburg SIL$3,383.00
305259193Harbor creek Youth Services Main$206,374.00
307657623Adelphi Village Loyal Hanna House$37,215.00
317412414Clear Vision Residential Treatment Services, Inc.$71,047.00
307659623Adelphi Village - Benet$40,598.00
308078406Adelphi Village Williams Home$33,832.00
302028847Allegheny County Jail$71,047.00
305259382Perseus House Inc - Perseus House - Boys ITP$13,533.00
317415838Adelphi Village LaSaQuik Residential Treatment$47,365.00
324154844Chester County Prison$16,916.00
305259773Perseus House Inc - Girls Enhanced RTF$20,299.00
316496359Diversified Treatment Alternatives - Montour Learning Center$64,299.00
Vision Quest South Mountain Safe House$10,829.36