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​​Proposed Neglected Calculations


AgencyAUN  Allocation
Appalachian Youth Service - Ross House308119304$29,106.00
Auberle - Hartman Street Residential303020941$9,880.00
Auberle - McKeesport Hartman Street303025409$52,080.00
Auberle - Romine Avenue303023142$11,904.00
Berks County Residential Center314067727$22,230.00
Bethany Home Inc.300061280$114,576.00
Carson Valley Children's Aid - Chestnut Street306460471$4,158.00
Carson Valley Children's Aid - Hemlock Street Community Home379469658$4,158.00
Carson Valley Children's Aid - Residential323465193$170,478.00
Carson Valley Children's Aid - Stump Road369466960$4,158.00
Centre County Youth Service Bureau - Stormbreak Girls Group Home310146051$10,416.00
ChildFirst Logan Group Home 326514262$11,904.00
ChildFirst Services Tenacity House320481247$8,928.00
ChildFirst Services Williams House321138284$5,952.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Dolly Christian314068351$8,928.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Doris Clark319642380$8,928.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Genesis House326516822$1,488.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Glenn Clark House323462141$4,464.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Heritage319645237$5,952.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Integrity House319641671$5,952.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Meridian300461030$8,928.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Pinnacle323468130$4,940.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Progress House320480236$7,440.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Renaissance House319643949$5,952.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Summit House319644444$10,416.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Tracy L. Hood314063935$7,440.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Unity House314063679$6,237.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Victory320486808$6,237.00
ChildFirst Services, Inc. - Williams II House326518633$5,952.00
ChildFirst Thornbury Group Home300230270$7,440.00
Childrens Aid Home Programs300563050$18,711.00
Childrens Center for Treatment and Education - Emergency Shelter348420855$8,928.00
Childrens Center for Treatment and Education - SAY Program340429458$51,975.00
Childrens Center for Treatment and Education - School Group337428073$10,416.00
Childrens Center for Treatment and Education - STRIDE Group380427151$16,632.00
Childrens Center for Treatment and Education - Ulster317082618$29,106.00
Childrens Center for Treatment and Education - Warren305625800$25,296.00
Children's Home of Easton 314062944$34,224.00
Children's Home of Easton - Easton320483492$19,344.00
Childrens Home of York300671000$11,904.00
Childrens Home of York - Girl's Shelter312670003$19,344.00
CHOR - Youth and Family Services Inc300061540$62,496.00
Christs Home Inc. - Centennial322092501$60,291.00
Christs Home Inc. - Pequea Valley313365946$18,711.00
Crossroads Group Homes & Services - Boys304436367$4,940.00
Crossroads Home for Girls300430001$12,350.00
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Myers Memorial Home312288982$37,200.00
Families United Network, Inc. - Arborvale Manor391360644$8,928.00
Families United Network, Inc. - Ashler Manor317410003$34,224.00
Families United Network, Inc. - White Rose Manor345678609$8,928.00
Familylinks - McKeesport Shelter302028040$23,465.00
Familylinks - Pathways to Independence302022226$2,079.00
Familylinks, Inc. - Allentown303027288$2,470.00
Familylinks, Inc. - ASIL303020736$7,440.00
Familylinks, Inc. - Plum Shelter303025537$4,158.00
Familylinks, Inc. - RESPOND - Respond Program303021389$4,158.00
Familylinks, Inc. - Sylvan Shelter303024022$4,464.00
Foundations Behavioral Health322091086$151,776.00
Girard College226511852$571,725.00
Girls Hope of Pittsburgh - Coraopolis Home303024523$16,632.00
Gwens Girls Residential Facility300020049$10,416.00
Hoffman Homes, Inc.212012853$144,336.00
KidsPeace National Centers, Inc. - Hospital321390103$324,384.00
MHY Family Services-Longmore Academy304103177$45,695.00
Montgomery County Youth Center - Shelter 323463728$24,700.00
Perseus House Inc - Brighter Horizons305253395$20,790.00
Sarah A. Reed Child Ctr300256000$116,424.00
School House Lane326516454$10,416.00
Silver Springs - Martin Luther School300463940$118,503.00
St Edmonds Home300237490$41,580.00
St Vincents Home300237900$19,344.00
St. Francis - St. Joseph Homes for Children - Bouvier322098614$11,904.00
St. Francis - St. Joseph Homes for Children - Drexel322095565$16,368.00
St. Francis - St. Joseph Homes for Children - McCarthy322098504$27,027.00
St. Francis - St. Joseph Homes for Children - McGlade322098260$19,344.00
St. Francis - St. Joseph Homes for Children - Morrell322098136$19,344.00
St. Francis St. Joseph Home for Children - Romero House322091356$8,316.00
St. Vincents Homes - Guardian Angel326511574$20,832.00
St. Vincents Homes - St. Joseph Hall326510263$14,880.00
The Bradley Center303028594$136,896.00
The Village School325233097$62,496.00
The Warwick House322096194$26,784.00
Tioga County Department of Human Services - Residential Treatment317598455$14,880.00
United Childrens Homes Inc300408510$31,185.00
United Methodist Home for Children Residential Care, Inc.315211920$37,200.00
Westmoreland County Youth Shelter307650631$7,410.00
Williams III324158037$2,976.00
Woods Services300098500$261,954.00
York Co Youth Dev Center300679410$44,460.00
Youth Service, Inc. - Youth Emergency Shelter326515877$24,700.00