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​Title II, Part A, Reallocation of Funds

Section 2121 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires the State Educational Agency (SEA) to develop procedures for the reallocation of Title II, Part A funds.  Funds must be reallocated to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in a timely fashion and must be allocated in accordance with State guidelines for reallocation.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Division of Federal Programs will reallocate Title II, Part A funds in accordance with the reallocation guidelines outlined below.

Eligible Funds 

Title II, Part A funds eligible for reallocation are:

  • Funds allocated to an eligible LEA that has chosen not to participate in the Title II, Part A program;
  • Funds returned by an LEA because of its failure to meet federal maintenance of effort requirements; and,
  • Funds not obligated by an LEA and returned to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

(NOTE:  Funds returned by an LEA will be available for reallocation only if they are returned during the obligation period of the grant.  Funds returned after the obligation period will no longer be available for reallocation.)


When distributing reallocated Title II, Part A funds to LEAs, the Division of Federal Programs has the flexibility to determine how the redistribution will occur based on the following:

  • LEAs with high proportions of teachers who are not highly qualified;
  • LEAs that have the largest average class size;
  • LEAs in Title I School Improvement;
  • LEAs that need additional professional development, which may be replicated, that focuses on subject matter knowledge that teachers teach; or
  • Proportionally increase the subgrant amount to all participating LEAs.

Application & Eligibility 

The Division of Federal Programs will have a rolling submission application period for reallocated Title II, Part A funds.  LEAs will be required to submit requests for reallocated funds anytime during the year.  Letters of request must be submitted by the Superintendent, Executive Officer or Chief Executive Officer, must specify the amount of funds requested and the intended use of the funds.  LEAs must be able to describe how the receipt of these funds will help improve teacher quality, and will help students in meeting the achievement targets of the Pennsylvania Accountability System.

The Division of Federal Programs will review requests for reallocated funds and will determine eligibility.  If no LEA requests are determined to be eligible, available funds will be rolled over into the next grant year and made available in the next reallocation cycle.