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Instructional Coaching in Pennsylvania

Instructional coaching is a proven, job-embedded professional development strategy whereby a highly skilled educator works with other educators in a collegial and collaborative manner to raise instructional practice. This personalized, on-going, classroom-based approach fosters teacher growth and provides consistent support as teachers work to improve their knowledge, skills, and techniques within a culture of collective responsibility for student achievement.

Pennsylvania is committed to embedding instructional coaching in Commonwealth initiatives and has established a Collaborative Coaching Board to ensure that all coaching efforts are aligned and supported.

Collaborative Coaching Board (CCB)

The Collaborative Coaching Board was created by the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Secretary of Education in October of 2006 to ensure the alignment of instructional coaching initiatives in support of school improvement.

The CCB meets quarterly to engage in collaborative planning and resource development in order to connect, support, and strengthen instructional coaching and create a culture of collaboration across the Commonwealth.

CCB Representatives

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)
    • Division of Planning
  • Pennsylvania Intermediate Units (PAIU) Coaches & Mentors
  • Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) Coaching Programs
  • Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC)
  • Reading First

Pennsylvania Projects

Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC)

PIIC - Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional CoachingThe Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC), a partnership of the Annenberg Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, provides the uniform and consistent delivery of sustained professional development around instructional coaching and mentoring, working to build teacher capacity as a means of increasing student engagement and improving student achievement.

CCB Resources and Documents

For additional information, please contact:

Rebekah Baum-Leaman