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PIL Act 13 Courses

Act 13 and Beyond: School Leaders Driving Instructional Excellence

Course Description

Act 13 requires a deep understanding of the supervision and evaluative process. School leaders need to be positioned to engage in supervision and evaluation with knowledge, skills, and confidence whether new to the leadership role or experienced. Act 13 and Beyond: School Leaders Driving Instructional Excellence is designed to underscore the importance of the supervision and evaluation model for elevating classroom instruction and building faculty capacity. This course satisfies the Act 13 requirements for new Assistant/Vice Principals and Principals.

Leading by Design

(Must satisfy ONE of the following: Successfully completed Act 13 & Beyond, Successfully completed PA Induction, Currently hold a Level II Certification)

Course Description

In an effort to elevate teaching and learning, the instructional leader must lead with purpose and intention in an environment built upon trust, equity, efficacy, and continuous improvement! The school leaders will explore the many ways they can enact instructional leadership designed to elevate teaching and learning. In this course, you will engage in a thoughtful examination of the research, a consideration of your specific school context, reflection on your current leadership practices, and ultimately, a consideration of this question: How can I align my leadership behaviors and actions with the best of what research has to share on effective school leadership?