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Act 70 of 2019

Act 70 of 2019 was passed to reauthorize and modernize the PlanCon process.  The current moratorium for school districts and CTCs wishing to apply for the current iteration of PlanCon remains in place.

Act 70 also establishes a new maintenance program designed to defray costs for school districts and CTCs undertaking projects that, while vital, do not rise to the level of a comprehensive PlanCon project.

Act 34 mandates remain in place for both PlanCon and non-PlanCon projects.  PDE is mandated to review Act 34 materials when PlanCon reimbursement is sought.

The document below walks you through the changes in PlanCon regarding all of the items above. 

Act 70 of 2019 School Construction & Maintenance Programs – Issued March 31, 2020 (PDF)

Updated Basic Education Circulars (BECs)

The following is a list of Basic Education Circulars (BEC) which pertain to the PlanCon process and have been amended for Act 70 of 2019: