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Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report Important Message

The AFR has been programmed in Access 2002. If you have any other version of Access installed on your PC you must download and install the Runtime Version of Access 2002 before the AFR database package is loaded. Using any other version of Access will cause the AFR database to load and/or function improperly*.   A Runtime Version of Access 2002 is provided as a free download on the same web page as the AFR executable file.

Please provide this important information to the staff member responsible for installing the AFR database package to your PC.

Additional information regarding this requirement can be found in the AFR User Manual.

Proceed to the AFR web pages by clicking Continue. 


*If your PC currently has another version of Access installed (ie 2000, 2007), that version may remain on your PC, but the Runtime Version of Access 2002 must also be installed.