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​Accessing the FID SharePoint Site

Prior to Accessing the FID SharePoint Site

In order for you to be granted access to the FID SharePoint Site, you must (in order):

  1. Be registered with PA Login (PA Login Registration).
  2. Provide the email address and username you used to register with PA Login to your PDE FID representative.
  3. The representative grants you access to the FID SharePoint Site and notifies you that you've been granted access.

Note: Just because you have access to one PDE SharePoint site doesn't mean you have access to the FID SharePoint Site. You will have access to the FID SharePoint Site only after you've registered with PA Login AND you've been granted access by a FID program representative.

Accessing the FID SharePoint Site

After you've been notified that you've been granted access, using Internet Explorer (Version 7 or higher) on a Windows machine connected directly to the internet, follow the instructions below to access the FID SharePoint Site:

IMPORTANT: You may experience issues when using SharePoint through other browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) or on other operating systems (such as MAC/Apple). You may also experience issues when connected wirelessly to the internet, especially when attaching large documents to the FID application. Using Microsoft Edge requires that you add the FID SharePoint Site to your browser's compatibility view settings.

  1. Click on FID SharePoint Home Page.
  2. On the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  page, click Login to USER and MUSER click here.
  3. In Username, enter "user\your PA Login username". Note the following:
  • Your PA Login username is the username you entered when you registered with PA Login. Your PA Login username is NOT your PA Login email address. If you can't remember your PA Login username, visit PA Login Password Recovery.
  • Make sure you provided your PDE program representative your email address associated with the username you are entering (To verify, you can visit PA Login Password Recovery). Everyone has multiple email addresses these days, and often times we forget which email address we entered where. So, it's important that you make sure you provided us with the email address you entered in your PA Login account.
  • DO NOT enter the quotes; enter the information inside the quotes.
  • You MUST enter "user\" before your PA Login username (No quotes).
  • Your MUST enter a backslash (\) NOT forward slash (/) after "user" (no quotes) and before your PA Login username.
  • Do NOT enter ANY spaces before or after "user", the backslash (\), or your PA Login username.
  • Do NOT capitalize "user" (no quotes).
    For example, if my PA Login username is "mytestmachine", I would enter the following in the Username: "user\mytestmachine" (no quotes)
  1. In Password, enter your PA Login password.

Note: If you forgot your password, visit PA Login Password Recovery. If you change your password, you will not be able to access the FID SharePoint Site with the new password until the following day.

  1. Click Sign In. The Flexible Instructional Days Program Home page appears and displays instructions for submitting an application, as well as a list of the applications that you have saved or submitted.