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Subpart 3 - Eligible Partnerships of Title II of No Child Left Behind

(P.L. 107-110)

President George Bush and Congress committed to transforming the federal role in education so that "no child is left behind." At the heart of this effort is a commitment to focus on students, equip teachers, empower parents and inform decision makers to ensure every child receives a quality education. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 advances this commitment by providing a number of exciting reforms, tools and programs.

Subpart 3 Subgrants to Eligible Partnerships is one program that focuses on teachers and principals. This is a competitive program administered by the Division of Program Services in the Bureau of Postsecondary Services, Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education.

At a minimum an "eligible partnership" shall include:

  1. A private or State institution of higher education and the division of the institution that prepares teachers and principals;
  2. A school of arts and sciences; and
  3. A high-need local educational agency.

Other partners may include another local educational agency, a public charter school, an elementary school or secondary school, an educational service agency, a nonprofit educational organization, another institution of higher education, a school of arts and sciences within such an institution, the division of such an institution that prepares teachers and principals, a nonprofit cultural organization, an entity carrying out a prekindergarten program, a teacher organization, a principal organization, or a business.

The Department of Education establishes program priorities by issuing Eligible Partnership Postsecondary Grant Application (EPPGA) guidelines. 

Application Materials

Posted for Information Only - Not to be Submitted with Completed Application