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​June 5, 2020

Team PDE,

Last week I sent you an update regarding the plan for our eventual and phased return to the offices at 333 Market Street and other satellite locations.

Similarly, this week PDE provided school leaders across the state with preliminary guidance that they can use to prepare for the return to in-person instruction for students from Pre-K to postsecondary.  

With your support, education communities overcame unimaginable challenges while supporting students and families through this pandemic. This preliminary guidance will support schools as they craft initial plans to safely reopen and resume in-person teaching and learning.

While the release of this guidance marks an important first step, we know circumstances will continue to evolve – so must our guidance. PDE plans to provide updated guidance to schools as we learn more about COVID-19 and additional research, data, and resources become available. This data and research will also inform plans for a return to our offices.

Thanks again for all that you’ve done to support our students and school communities during these unprecedented times, and for your continued commitment as we take the first steps toward re-opening.