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Private Providers

Act 48 of 1999 , allows Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) approved private alternative education institutions or individuals (also referred to as private providers) to enter into contracts with public schools (school districts, intermediate units, area vocational-technical schools, charter schools, special program jointures, and consortia of these schools) to provide educational and/or counseling services for Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth programs under Act 30 of 1997 for middle school and high school students. Programs must be designed to work towards promotion and/or a high school diploma.

The three-year renewal application is mailed directly to the private provider at the beginning of the school year for which the renewal is needed.

Initial applications require basic contact information, a mission statement, capacity of the provider including staffing and site information, services available to the public schools, a financial statement, background checks, a list of the training/professional development in which three key staff members have participated and their experience with at-risk students, an indication of the type or name of other licenses held by the entity and/or other locations, and an assurance statement indicating that all required federal and state laws and state guidelines will be followed.

Renewal applications require the same information provided initially, but in updated form, with a summary of services already provided. Additionally, renewal applications require letters of reference from public schools that have utilized the private provider's services for alternative education. Private providers who have not contracted within the previous three-year period need to submit a letter explaining why they wish to seek renewal.

Recommendation of approval/denial of the application to become an approved private provider is made by the program coordinator.


  1. If the application is approved, the Division Chief, Bureau Director, or other party designated by the Secretary provides written notification to the private provider. A copy of the Guidelines is mailed with each initial approval letter.
  2. The private provider is added to the official PDE database on the alternative education web site and to the email distribution list. Invitations to meetings and additional information are sent to all approved private providers on the web site.
  3. Renewal applications, if approved, allow the private provider to contract with public schools to provide alternative education services for an additional three years from the date of the last approval. The web site is updated accordingly with all current renewal and contact information.


  1. If the application is denied, the Division Chief, Bureau Director, or other party designated by the Secretary provides written notification to the private provider contact person listed on the application with the reason(s) for the denial.
  2. Any private provider who has been denied approval (either initial or renewal) may appeal the decision to the Secretary of Education or his/her designee.
  3. The application may reapply for approved private provider status beginning with the next school year after the school year for which the initial approval or renewal was denied. Demonstration that issues arising during the denial phase have been corrected is the responsibility of the applicant. If the burden is met, the Secretary, or his/her designee, may place conditions on the approval of the provider including, but not limited to, a shorter approval period.

Sample Contract (PDF) - This sample is provided for your convenience. You DO NOT have to use this contract sample, however, you must ensure that all requirements of the state guidelines for contracts are incorporated into the contract that you use to receive approval and funding. Please do not just fill in the blanks, but review the contract and specifically spell out who is responsible for what items so that it is clear if any concerns are raised.

Private Provider Applying for Approval to Provide AEDY Services