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Comprehensive Planning

Circle Flow, starting at top: Set the Direction. Assess needs. Create a plan. Implement the Plan. Monitor Plan. Adjust course.Planning for continuous improvement of leadership, teaching and learning is critically important to ensuring that all students have access to a world-class education that prepares them for college, career, and life.  Pennsylvania’s cycle of improvement is grounded in evidence-based approaches that can both improve student outcomes and increase return on investment, as resources are spent on programs and practices likely to have a positive impact.  Opportunities to create, assess, and adjust throughout the cycle empowers local education agencies and schools to engage all stakeholders in pursuit of a shared vision for student success.

The Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal wa​s created to provide a consistent planning framework and collection tool for all Pennsylvania local education agencies (school districts, charter schools, area vocational schools/career and technical centers, Intermediate Units) and schools. This new model provides flexibility in the planning process based on individual community needs, is grounded in an outcomes-based approach focused on student achievement and encourages schools and districts to more effectively and efficiently plan and lead innovative school improvement practices. The core concepts are based on a simplistic logic model, one that any local education agency or school can effectively use for developing cohesive long-term goals and action plans, monitoring yearly progress, and providing transparency in communication with school personnel, state officials, parents and community.

Access the Comprehensive Planning Web Application

For more information see the Comprehensive Planning Process.

Accessing the Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal

The first step to gaining access to the Future ready Comprehensive Planning Portal is to ensure that you are a registered user on the PDE portal. If you are not a registered user, please reference this document: Register a Username and Log In.

Your local education agency's Local Security Administrator can add/remove users in MyPDESuite. If you need help adding users to the new portal, please use the step-by-step guide for Accessing the Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal.

If you do not know who your Administrators are, you can find this information by clicking on Find my Security Administrator on the main page in MyPDESuite.

Chapter 4 Comprehensive Planning Requirements

Chapter 4 specifies planning requirements for school entities. A school entity is defined as a local education provider (e.g., public school district, charter school, cyber charter school, AVTS, or Intermediate Unit). Access more information about planning requirements.

Technical Assistance and Training for Comprehensive Planning

For assistance on completing your Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Support team at

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