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MyPDESuite is a web portal that enables users to access various PDE data collection applications. Users are granted access to these applications by a security administrator at their education agency/institution. The security administrator is responsible for adding and removing users on behal of their agency/institution. Security administrators should review their users on a regular basis and remove those who no longer require access, which includes during the Annual User Access Review. If you are a new institution or your security administrator has left, please follow this process to have a new security administrator appointed.


Visit the MyPDESuite login page.

NOTE: the MyPDESuite login process is changing!


Need to change your password, email address, or profile information? To perform these updates, log in and then select the 'Update User Account' link on your user administration page.

Forgot your password? Use the forgotten password tool to have a new password emailed to you. Please note that the password will be sent to the email associated with your profile. If you do not have access to the email associated with your profile, please submit a Help Desk Support request (guides that describe this process are available below).

Need help with TIMS or PIMS? Our certification services page offers answers to frequently asked questions about TIMS. If you need assistance with PIMS, please call PIMS Help Desk Support: 800-661-2423 or submit a request for Help Desk Support.

Want to learn more about the new login process? We created a resource that offers information and step-by-step directions.

If the above does not help and you find you need additional assistance with any of the applications accessed through MyPDESuite, please contact the appropriate program area for support. If you’re encountering an application error, have a login issue, need help with security administration, or have a MyPDESuite access issue, please submit an online help request or call Help Desk Support: 717-783-1087. For assistance with submitting an online help request, please reference How to Submit a MyPDESuite Help Request User Guide (for educators) or How to Submit a MyPDESuite Help Request User Guide (for Commonwealth employees)


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